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Prtd approved

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Prerna jotsinghani, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. I want to sincerely thank all the experts on the forum for their guidance. Last May I read on this forum that pr minor removed from canada can get prtd on h&c grounds at eighteen. Kept reading all threads and learn more about the same everytime.
    Applied for my daughter's prtd on 24thApril19 and got her passport today Prtd approved Rc1
    Had I not come across this forum I never would have known that I could apply for prtd removed as minor grounds.
    Did not know earlier to apply for my older child when she was 18.
    Heartfelt gratitude to Leon, Syclla, canuck78, Rish and other experts on the forum.
    What helped me most was faith and my daughter's strong academics and university acceptances from Mcgill and university of British columbia with scholarships.
    Grateful to this forum for my daughter studying in canada as PR.
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    i have same case like you. can you send me your daughter case about prtd at yadavjeshal@gmail.com. if you share information about prtd of removed as minor grounds, its important for those parents who have situation like you, and congratulation to your daughter for receive prtd.
  3. Hello I have similar situation. Kindly can we connect on email and have further details and the process you went through
  4. My process was simple. I applied for the prtd and waited . Got it after 2_ mont
  5. There is an H&C section in PRTD application where you get to clarify your case.

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