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Prospective Student for January, May, and September 2019 Intake Gather Here For Question and Answer

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Johnsnow 007, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Its good we share vital information with each other as a prospective student to avoid making silly or lousy mistakes that would cost us expensively
  2. good to see a separate thread for 2019 intakes.
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  3. Thank you bro.. are you a 2019 prospective student also?
  4. Yes bro, I'm also planning for Jan-2019 intake.
  5. I am going for September intake in Political science.. What about you, and have you find any DLI yet?
  6. Please get me updated with good information. I intend to apply for September 2019
  7. I am here, too
  8. Information is everywhere on this forum, have you find any DLI yet? What course you going for and what type of info are you specifically interested in?
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  9. Dear all,
    I have been sending emails to professors for over a month now. I only got two responses saying that all the spots are filled and they do not accept any more students. Many professors did not respond to my email , even-though, I sent them a gentle reminder too. Below is the format of the email which I usually send, please, help if you believe that I have to bring some changes:
    Subject: Prospective Student: Civil Engineering

    Dear Dr. Khan,

    My name is X X and I got the Bachelor's of Technology in Civil Engineering from India with a CGPA of 7.04 on a 10.0point scale. I obtained Master of Science in Transport Engineering from Hiroshima University ,Japan with a GPA of 4.13 out of 5.0. The language of instruction and assessment in the mentioned programs had been English.

    The research project during my master’s degree was titled "Smart Monitoring of Street Roughness in Neighborhood". In this research ,I used an iPhone to measure the street roughness. I checked your website and got interested in your work after reading "Factoring Cycling in Transportation Infrastructure" . I am curious to explore this more by identifying cyclist-vehicle collision black-spots due to turning maneuver in a city. This would help in planning better policies for increasing the safety of cyclists in an urban area.

    I wish to begin my studies in September 2018 and would be very interested in working under your supervision. I would appreciate if you let me know about the research opportunities at your lab. Thank you !

    Warm regards,
    X X, Msc.
  10. It is too late to be sending emails to professors now because most schools are getting ready to send offers. The best time is September/October or even a little earlier. So for example, if you had September 2019 as target then you should be emailing professors around September/October 2018. Ask the admissions department, they'll tell you the best time.

    Format is OK but could be a bit shorter. And it is normal that they don't reply - infact as a general rule don't even expect a reply.

    If you don't receive one in 2 weeks, send them a gentle reminder again. I think 2-3 reminders are OK if you space them out.
  11. @AstronomyNut , Thank you very much for your reply.
    For most of the universities the deadline is around June this year, therefore, I thought, perhaps , it is not too late. I wish to begin my studies as soon as possible. What do you think about contacting professors for January 2019 intake?
  12. Hello, I guess it is dependent entirely on the department. I'm speaking from the point of view of engineering and all the deadlines that I know of, with the exception of McMaster, are now closed.

    If June is the deadline that's not really realistic for international candidates considering visas take 2-3 months! But if professors are telling you slots are filled that means its too late - at least for those programs.

    Have you actually applied to any programs or are you just contacting professors?
  13. I see . I have applied to New Brunswick University for the second master's in geodesy and geomatics engineering , and I submitted my application on 1st of March. I am still waiting for the decision . Meanwhile, I am contacting professors for a possible PhD. position in civil engineering.
    Actually, I love GIS (geomatics engineering)and would like conduct research in it , but in other universities, it comes under geography department which might look irrelevant to my previous studies although GIS is used in civil engineering field as a tool to solve research related problems. In other universities in the US and Europe, geomatics engineering is under civil engineering department.
  14. I have the following stats:

    82% in electrical engineering from Uni of Leicester
    7.5 IELTS
    One very strong LOR, and one fairly strong
    No research experience
    6 years of work experience in the specialization I seek.

    Is there any chance for me in Queens, Ottawa, McGill, Waterloo?

    Would appreciate any advice. How can improve my application if I'm not admitted in first round?
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