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Proof of 'Landing Funds" >>>

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Hi!

    I did not miss any point. Please check this landing card.


    I am only saying the correct way to fill the landing card is to answer "no" to this question when 2 family members are travelling together and carrying $7000 each (the question asks per person)

    Currency and/or monetary instruments of a value totalling CAN$10,000 or more per person"

    In this case even together travelling as a family each person is carrying $7000 which is less than $10,000 and each person is responisble for his / her own declaration even filling the same form. Check the instructions on the left.

    But yes if just one person is travelling he should answer yes to this question because he must be carrying $11115 required for single person.

    Hope you will get my point.

    In simple words required funds for single person is $11115 so in any case he has to carry more than $10,000 so he should answer yes to this question but in case of 2 family members required amount is $13837 so one can carry less than $10,000 and in that case he / she should answer no to this question

    I have also sent an email to Canadian Border Agency to answer yes or no to this question in case of 2 family members. As soon as I get any reply I will put it here.

  2. @ Pittabread, its good to reason logically in order to give people the correct answer to thier queries.
    @ Qorax, I have PMed you on the above issue before and would be grateful if you could comment...Mandie
  3. Thanks Mandie, I give you another logic.

    In case of one person there is a limit of atleast carryign $11115 i-e more than $10,000 so in any case one person will always answer yes to this question

    But in case of 2 people there is no limit for each individual(combined limit is $13837) and one can carry less than $10,000 and in that case he / she should answer no to this question

  4. U may send this info to CHC-London [about your willingness to get the stamping done thru a personal visit, vis-a-vis your UKSV status]. Let them advice u a/ny further action/s.

    BTW, I feel they'd then send u another PPR. The ones we usually get... which also specifies 'stamping thru personal visitation'. As I stated before that I'm not sure about the CHC-Isb/Lon process, thus this is a personal opinion. U'd do good to check with your VO instead.

  5. Qorax,

    What if someone brings US$ Funds instead of CAD$?

    Will that create an issue?

    Thanks in advance...

  6. No issues.
    U can safely bring-in your settlement funds either/or in multiple currencies involving CAD, USD, Euro & GBP.

  7. if you are not in the USA & Are you going to purchased USD from your home country. then I suggest you to purchase CAD$.
    The reason is you have to again pay commission and exchange rate in Canada to convert your USD$ to CAD $.
    If you have USD on hands then it's okay.
    As Qorax mentioned those all currencies is accepted for POF when you land.


  8. Hi Qorax,
    When we land first we take the liquid cash which we have as per list.
    After some time when we sell our propery in home land what is the procedure to bring that money.
    Is it taxable? Say my brother can sell the property and send money to me with out any problems?
    If I am getting regular income from my home land on monthly basis how to get that money? Is it taxable?
    Please let me know.
  9. U can bring-in as much monies as u desire, for any length of time, into Canada. And they'd not incur any tax/levies/duties/charges.

    It'd be another matter that the income [interest, capital gains etc.] that this amount generates while being held in the bank or invested into any fin. products, within Canada, that'd accrue applicable taxes [the gains part only].

    Besides, while submitting your annual tax returns, u would be declaring these monetary influx as 'Global Income'. And that'd increase your tax bracket. But then when the time comes to file your returns, u should be hiring a CGA [costs $25-40, one time]... they'd advise u better.

  10. Thanx now it is very clear.
  11. Hi Qorax
    I am an applicant of April 2005.
    Keeping in view the cases of 2004 when they could send the letter to update
  12. Hi!

    I have received an interesting reply regarding your issue. Canadian Border Agency is saying that if total funds $14000 belong to you then you should not give half to your son and carry the whole amount yourself and in your own name and do not try to avoid paper work. Here is the reply

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) appreciates your interest in ensuring that you meet the cross-border currency reporting requirements upon your arrival in Canada. As you may be aware, the CBSA is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Part II of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. Part II requires the reporting of currency or monetary instruments in the actual possession of a person arriving in or departing from Canada. Each traveller is responsible for his or her own declaration.

    There are no restrictions on the amount of currency or monetary instruments that you can bring into or take out of Canada, nor is it illegal to do so. However, you have to report to the CBSA amounts equal to or greater than CAN$10,000 or the equivalent in foreign currency. It is very important that currency and monetary instruments be declared properly. If the funds you are bringing into Canada belong to you, then you and you alone are responsible for their declaration. You should not delegate funds to family members simply to avoid paperwork. Misrepresentation and false declarations are serious CBSA offenses.

    If you require further information on the CBSA's Cross Border Currency Reporting Program, please visit our Web site at www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/security-securite/cbcr-dmte/menu-eng.html

    You can fill out the necessary document, Form E677 – Cross-Border Currency Reporting, in advance, ensuring that you sign it only in the presence of a CBSA border officer. Form E677 may be found here: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/forms-formulaires/e677.pdf

    We suggest that you contact the Border Information Service (BIS) should you require further clarification. You can access the BIS line free of charge throughout Canada by calling 1-800-461-9999. From outside Canada, you can access the BIS line by calling 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 (long-distance charges apply). If you call during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. local time, Monday to Friday, except holidays), you can speak to an agent by pressing “0” at any time.

    We trust that this information is useful to you and thank you for contacting CBSA.

    Sent: August 31, 2011 3:00 PM
    To: Contact @ cbsa.gc.ca
    Subject: urgent query **15034**

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    First of all be very kind in replying to my email.

    I have a general query. I and my wife have got Canadian Permanant resident visa recently. My question is about filling the declaration card when we arrive in canada?


    As the funds required for 2 people is $13,837 so my wife and me each will be carrying a bank draft of $7000 each.

    We both will be filling just one landing card as we are together. When filling the card should I answer yes or no to the following question ?

    "Currency and/or monetary instruments of a value totalling CAN$10,000 or more per person" ????

    I assume we should say no to this question as per person we are carrying $7000 which is less than $10,000.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Hope to hear from you soon and thanking you in anticipation.

  13. @ Pittabread. Exactly what Qorax has said on this issue! I appreciate your effort to contact CBA though....Mandie

  14. http://www.cbsa.gc.ca/publications/forms-formulaires/e311-eng.pdf

    In first case if 2 family members (one is carrying $14000 and other is carrying $0) choose one declaration card to fill and answer yes to "we are bringing into Canada, Currency and/or monetary instruments of a value totalling CAN$10,000 or more per person" then its true for the person who is carrying $14000 but what about other who is carrying $0 as each person is responsible for his / her own declaration. This statement becomes false for the person who is carrying $0.

    Logically this card is wrong?

    In 2nd case there is a loop hole I think. In 2nd case if they divide the money half half and carry $7000 each and pick 2 cards to fill and as each is carrying $7000 and they answer no to "I am bringing into Canada, Currency and/or monetary instruments of a value totalling CAN$10,000 or more per person"

    What then?

    I am emailing the same question to Canadian border agency and lets see whats the reply?

  15. Replied your PM, Ma'am.

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