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Processing time Nairobi office - CSQ already received - Application from Mauriti

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by MVKDB, May 23, 2011.

  1. hello,

    ive already got my csq n that of my hubby.will b sending police certificate 2mrw + passport n medical receipt for hubby 2mrw.

    i wud say we r lucky rather than saying unlucky as we hav struggled a lot coz mt csq was 1 lost + on the 1 re-issued my name was mispelled.

    patience guys for the federeal.

    hav a normal life n trust in god.

  2. HI All,

    Any one can give me an idea how long can it take to get the passports back.

    I sent mine and my family passports in July 2011 ... its been 3 months already and nothing till now.

    Even am from mauritius so am getting stressed now 3 months and no news from Nairobi office. :(

  3. Hello Tahrika,

    Have you tried calling them? I guess that if you have a file number, then they can answer you.

    Congratulations, you are only a few days/weeks away from your PR.

    For me, I have sent my fed application (after receiving my CSQ) in April this year and I have not even received an acknowledgement of receipt. I'm guessing it may take years before I receive anything by the way it looks!
  4. HI MVKDB,

    Well yes i did call them last week and they told me they cant give an answer :( it might take until december or next year before the medical get expired.
    But the officer also mentioned ,it can come anytime .... very confusing the answer but am hoping at least december.

    Lets cross fingers, i guess its the most difficult part when you know its near and still its taking time :)
  5. Hi Tahrika,

    Have you finally received your passports? I sent mine today! Yet another long wait to come.
  6. Hi thats good MVKDB!
    I am already in Canada and working since two months.
    It is hard at start but now i am ok.
  7. Hello,

    Ive already got a job in CA and its pretty nice here...hw abt ur applications?
  8. Hi everbody,
    nice post, i've learn a lot on this.
    can someone tell me if they have done medical thru clinique bon pateur.
    or city clinic only.
  9. Hey i did tru city clinic!
  10. Hey Shanone, that's great. Now I have loads of questions for you given that you are a new immigrant and that everything's fresh in your mind.

    In which region are you living? And if it's not too personal, what are you doing for a living? Did you find your job before leaving for Canada?

    I am still waiting for the passports. How long did they keep yours?

    Cheers ;D
  11. I am in Ontario...I am working in the admin dept doing processing in a bank.
    Nope i had to find it here as its is easier when you here to approach recruitment companies who maky give u a chance like i got in bank directly.
    Well my case was different but they had to return my passport within 3 weeks when i submitted as my visa was going to expire as i did medical in nov 2010.
    therefore they had to send me everything before nov 2011 so that i can plan my travel.

    But i can say that sometimes they unecessarily tk time..
    wher r u from?
  12. Hi,

    If you mean from which country I am from, well I'm also from Mauritius.

    Once you get the visa, how long do they give you to move?

    It's really the employment part that's a worry for me. I would therefore feel more secure if I found a job beforehand.

    By the way, did you go through the CSQ process? If yes, can we still settle down anywhere in Canada (meaning in the english part too)?

    What are your first feelings about Canada? Did your husband also get a job right away? In which sector is he?
  13. thats nice to know that there are more people coming.
    once you get your visa i u have the period before your medical expires to enter CA.so it is basically before or on the date your medical expires.

    When u did ur medical?

    I which field r u?R u coming alone or with family?

    yeah i did go thru the CSQ process n its takes lots f time to around 10 months to get the CSQ which is absurb!
    As soon as you land in Montreal u may move anywhere in CA but life in Montreal is easier, slower and u get job easily.

    Coming here has been the biggest challenge of my life mostly when u r in the middle of ur career in back home.

    But i prefer to step back be more qualified and have some more experience to have a better future n to be in a position to help pthers..this is my policy!
    what is ur goal for coming here?Get prepared psychologically as u have to renounce to most of the comfort u used to have back home.'

    But bu knwo wat it is worth coming here!
    I dont regret at all..
    c u soon here then...
  14. thanks shannone for your reply and such comforting words.
    it will make our move to Quebec more smooth knowing that something good is in store for us.

    i think the only difficult part is the weather, i heard that it's too cold for Mauritians to adapt,
    can you please comments your experience with Montreal weather.

  15. Shanone, I'll be going there with husband.

    How long does it take before you get the PR once you've landed?

    Was it difficult to find an apartment?

    Regarding the budget, how much should we plan to have to comfortably settle and what's the approx budget per month?

    Je sais je te bombardes de questions, sorry for that!

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