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Processing time for spousal visa - Sri Lanka

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by melbell_28, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Hi, I’m new to this group, October applicant and passed the medical 2 months ago. My eligibility and back ground check are still in process since AOR1. No idea about next update???
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  2. To be honest I pray and hope you have better luck than us - we did our medicals in December. We never heard from Colombo visa office ever since. The next step ideally should be pre-arrivals once they assess you for eligibility.
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  3. welcome to the forum @Raniro you want to wait another few month to hit your one year timline before that you will get something from CHC
    And just request for your GCMS then you can find whats going on your file currently .
    BTW please enter your timeline to our spreedsheet
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  4. Should i wait until July 19 to hear from Colombo visa office (one-year mark) or would it be okay to send an email to request an update?
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  5. Yes after that you can send email to CHC
    OR contact your mp
  6. Hi Yoge,

    Sorry for the delay. I was out of town the weekend. I just entered my dates into the spreadsheet. Thanks for the link :). Unfortunately, still nothing from the embassy. :(
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  7. Wait for the one year mark I would say. Orelse it won't be answered.
  8. Hey guys, Can someone help me understand the background check.
    From Day one Back ground check stated "We are Processing your background check" now it changed to "your application in process and we will send you message when we start your background check"

    Why it change like that :(
  9. Nothing as such, the immigration officer just asks random 2 or 3 questions like how u met ur hubby and all. So don't worry.. But it did take time for me cuz there was a line up for the landed immigrants.
  10. mmmm so no news from CHC This week too ????
  11. No news unfortunately. My MP called them yesterday - they are still reviewing the additional documents I had sent. MP was very helpful..she said she will push them to complete the application soon.
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  12. Did anyone have heard about Ghost Update
  13. who is your MP?
  14. @SJK90, @yoge Hi Guys,
    This Tuesday I finally received my medical instructions. Got it done on Thursday and back to waiting again I guess lol. It's been a crazy week and sorry for not updating sooner.
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  15. Hey I applied from Quebec. My application also taking longer than normal processing time. Can I get any MP’s contact number who’s in Quebec Montreal.

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