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Processing time for spousal visa - Sri Lanka

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by melbell_28, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Want to know if anyone has had any experience with the Sri Lankan visa office for spousal sponsorship applications. I sponsored my husband and he's currently residing in Colombo while I live in Toronto. I spoke with CIC today and was told that all our documents were sent to Sri Lanka on the 20th of Dec 2010.

    Does anyone know how much longer we are going to have to wait?? And please don't tell me 17 months as that is exactly what's on the CIC website. I was told that 17 months is not definite and can change. I'm curious to know if there is any one else out there who has just had all their docs sent to the colombo visa office as well.

  2. hey i am also sponsoring my husband who is in kany srilanka.......i send in my application on the 29th of november still no approval from cpc-m i have my fingers crossed cause soon as i get my approval letter i will be booking my next flight to srilanka and spend 3 months their with him and hope that it will be a speedy process....cause when my brother sponsored his wife back in 2008 he send his application in sept got approved oct then send to colombo oct 21 2008 visa was issued december 15 2008 very fast they issued her visa hope that me and u can have that speedy process...........hey what was the documents that they request from you? was ur marriage love or arranged? keep me updated if u have skype add me in rathika1982...thanks
  3. hey rathika,

    it was a love marriage :) Yeah i heard that sometimes that they do it really quick and sometimes not so much... I want to go there in April this year and fly back with him. Not sure if that's even possible but fingers crossed. For us we were missing a signature. So it was done real quick... u should probably get a response soon too ne?

    Did u already submit the police reports?? We havent yet and I contacted the embassy to get info on when hubby can drop it off there... What about u guys? Did u already submit the police report?

    Let me know!

    Cheers :)
  4. yea my husband police report came in 3 weeks so i did send police medical reports as well..........are u tamil or singalla? dont worry i will pray for both us ...hope we can get threw faster then we excepted....hey what evidance did u send?
  5. Funny enough my dad's tamil and mom is sinhalese. my husband is a full sinhalese though. You know I called them to get my case number. Well I was calling them to check the status and then they gave it to me. Maybe you can get urs too that way?

    I was on the phone with CIC almost everyday! So you should try giving that a go. As per there processing times you should be getting you letter soon!!!

    I'm praying for you too! Its so hard to sit around and just wait for them to say something!!

    I had emailed the colombo visa office yesterday asking about the police reports and they responded right away. They wanted the file number which I don't have as yet since I am yet to get my letter in the mail. However I did send them my client ID number again so fingers crossed that they will get back to me again soon.

    Best advice Rathika is to call them as much as you can and as frequently as you can. Some of the call centre agents are really rude, but the more frequently you call, the more reps you talk to and some of them are very nice and will go out of their way to get information for you.

    Hope this helps!

  6. thanks for ur advice i will do that for sure.........hey i am tamil and my hushand is also pure sinhallese ...........very nice guy cant wait to be with him.........fingers crossed i will get some thing in the mail.......keep me updated....... ;)
  7. Just got the letter in the mail today! YAY!! you should be getting yours soon tooo!!!!
  8. i hope so......congrats..........
  9. Hey Rathika, just spoke to another friend. she filed her docs last year. filed the docs for her hubby in nov 2009, got approve in jan 2010 and hubby got visa in april 2010. soooo... we may get lucky and our hubbies may get here sooner than we think :D
  10. wow..........that's amazing.......hope we get it soon as well...........hey when i called cpc-m they said its in process do u know how long it will take ??
  11. If you have sent all the required information (medical, Police report, including all fees (processing +landing) etc) it will take exactly six months...from the day it says "in process" for the PR potion in ECas. There is a very strong possibility that you will not have an interview if you do not hear from the SL embassy by the end of the fifth month (Which means things are good and they will be giving you a call or sending you a letter in a couple of weeks (assuming that it is now the 5 month) requesting that you come to the embassy with your passport for VISA). You need to drop the passport off in the morning and collect it in the afternoon.

    If everything goes well you should plan for your spouse to be in Caanda in 8 months from the day you sent your app to CIC. One to one and a half months for CIC and then another 6 months for SL Embassy. Your spouse will have to travel to Canada within 3 months of issuing the VISA.

    Good luck and all the best.
  12. Thanks Lands.. That was very helpful. The CIC website said 17 months and we were not taking it that well. So I guess my next question is that the documents were sent to the Sri Lankan embassy on the 20th of Dec 2010. I did log on into the CIC website to check the status and it says the Permanent Residence Application Status - Not Available where as the sponsorship status says Decision Made.

    Another question that I have is with regrds to the medica. My husband's medical as they call it expires at the end of June. Would there be any possibility that they will issue it before this expires?

    And finally, we were unable to get the police records up until a few weeks ago and he just submitted them to the Sri Lankan embassy since we got the ok on the Sponsorship Application last week along with a letter stating our client ID and KIT ID. Will this delay the process?
  13. HEY MELBELL.........

  14. hey how are u? i got my approval taday the 10th i wanted to ask u is it ture that the immigration in colombo ask for police clearance from birth .....a guy that is going threw the same office they have to give a clearance from birth i don't know this is killing me cause i dont want to wait till they ask from us after that if we have to apply..........then we have to wait more then we think..........what u think?
  15. Rathika CONGRATS !!! and secondly your police clearance for hubby must be from the beginning. My husband was born in Dubai and went to school in Aussi and Cololmbo, so we had to get all 3 sorted out... If he's only been in sri lanka, he's got to trace back to all the places he's lived in in the last how many ever years and get it cleared from the relevant station. My husband left Dubai when he was 14 and we still needed to get it done from Dubai.

    I know its a pain, but it can be done. Let me know what happens!

    My prayers are with u!

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