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Prince Edward Island PNP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Kamlesh1042, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I have submitted my interest for PEI PNP, I would like to know will they invite people who are staying outside of Canada to apply under PNP.

    Kamlesh Ramnani
  2. Yes
  3. Thanks mate
  4. What are NOCs in demand to apply for PEI PNP? Also what are the eligibility criteria?
  5. There is no official list for jobs in demand published by PEI immigration yet, you are eligible if you have your profile in express entry along with that you have to submit expression of interest to PEI via website.

    Hope this helps.

    Kamlesh Ramnani
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  6. Thanks Kamlesh.

    Any idea invitation ratio in last draw? I know 207 candidates were invited, what were their professions and CRS scores?
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    Though the PEI stream gives you points on expressing the interest I spoke to PEI immigration team and they informed it is not point based selection and people who got invited their CRS is never revealed however I came to know that people have job offer and who are living in PEI gets the priority on receiving invitation as long as profession is concerned I don't really have an idea, I hope we receive the invites soon

    Good luck mate.

  8. zz
    Thanks Kamlesh. Good luck to you too!
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  9. hi kamlesh
    do you know anything about the demand of NOC 1311 that is accounting technician and bookkeepers in PEI. Any idea about what are the possibilities to get an invite with this NOC and if one receives invitation from PEI then what is the further process and time processing??
  10. Hey @deekshasedha I don't think there is list published by PEI immigration office which tells us which NOCs are in demand, let's be positive and hope we will be invited in the next draw on the 15th.

    Good luck.

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  11. Yes... It's supposed to be come out tomorrow... Fingers crossed... Good luck to you too
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  12. hello, please how did you fill the eoi form on the PEI site. i tried was asking if i had a job offer and i couldnt move past that page. thanks
  13. There is no concrete information, even on immi tracker about the demand NOC for PEI.
  14. Please guide. Should my ECA be completed before applying for PEI Expression of Interest?
  15. do you know if they require minimum 400 in CRS score? thanks.

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