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Previous Employer Screwed me up !!!!

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by akil_f1, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Hello All ,
    Not too sure if this is the right thread to post , looking for information on how to proceed with my case.
    Long story short , when i was on WP , i used to work for an consulting employer .
    My client directly deposited the invoice into his business account and the employer ran payroll and generated T4 for me.
    He ran payroll for only 60%(including taxes and his commission) of the total and for the rest he said he will pay at the end as bonus. I Have worked for 3 yrs for him in total
    Now i left the company a year ago ,since then requesting him to pay the bonus. Last week he finally said that i don't owe you any thing and you can do what ever you what :( what are my options now
    • can i report it CRA under Voluntry disclosure program ?
    • Is there any other resource i can deal with employer
  2. The Voluntary Disclosure program is for people to declare income they received but left out of their taxes. It doesn't apply to your situation.

    You need to contact Employment Standards in your province.

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