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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by queen23, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Oh ok!
    They never asked me any BGC docs ever.
    PCC and schedule A were last
    Hope it’s a good sign
  2. Wats ur timelines ?

    Yeah I got call from NDVO for PCC
    Hope it’s a last moment
  3. Application received :- 7th July 2017
    Medical request :- 25th August 2017
    PCC and schedule A request :- 1st September 2017
    Medical submitted :- 29th August 2017
    PCC Schedule A submitted :-20th August 2017
    Application submitted to NDVO :- 7th November 2017
    NDVO started processing :- 15th November 2017
  4. Yeah it will take 2-3 months more
  5. Pre arrival services letter recieved: 21st Dec 2017

    PPR received: 18th Jan 2018
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  6. Does receiving the letter mean approved then? I got mine 1st Feb and noticed the background check was in progress and final decision was in progress too. Has anyone actually used the services?
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  7. Hi @jeffmoonchop please read these threads for more information about the letter:



  8. I applied through OINP Ph.D. stream.
    Office processing PR application: Sydney, NS

    Submitted: July , 2017
    Linked to account: Sep, 2017
    Police Check request: March 2018
    Invitation to Pre-arrival services: April 2018

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