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Pre-Arrival Services Email Timeline

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by canuser, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I've been searching all around the forums to find an average time frame about this letter.

    Can anyone who received the pre-arrival services email just add the date they received the letter - and any updates since?

    I will start:
    Received the letter: Jan 9, 2018
    Updates: none yet.

    In addition, @permafrost_can has been so helpful as they work in the offices that provide this service, and mentioned the rough timeline between getting the letter and any further correspondence ranges from a week to a month. I also know there are some anomalies where people have been waiting for an update for months. I'd just like to get an idea of everyone's experiences.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I received pre-arrival services on December 20th and received DM/PPR on December 29th. Mississauga VO

  3. Hey there! Sorry I didn't see this before, I didn't have a chance to log into the forum until today.

    From what we see with our clients, it varies a lot. Some get PPR about a week after getting the pre-arrival services *email*, and some have waited for months! I think the median would definitely be one month, and it also seems to vary depending on where they are coming from, some people in the Philippines and some people in Iran are facing very long delays, no idea why that is. In contrast, some clients from Pakistan, Ethiopia and Nepal got it within a week or so, so they only received our pre-arrival services for a few weeks before heading to Canada.
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  4. Thanks again @permafrost_can - this is incredibly useful information. You are so kind to share :) I know the spousal sponsorships seems to move the quickest of all immigration applications, but its good to know the median is about a month.

  5. Hi,

    I recived Pre-arrival on 17 January and PPR on 26 January, Vo -Bucharest.

    Good luck to all!
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  6. I never even got a pre-arrival email (but have CoPR and planned landing date).
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  7. You can still receive pre-arrival services, anyone who has a UCI number and that is coming as a permanent resident is entitled to free pre-arrival employment and settlement services. To which province are you moving? I may be able to recommend one or two in your province.
  8. Uhm sorry I'm jumping in, but I could use that information. I am moving to B.C, more specifically to Abbotsford.
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  9. Hola Juliana :) for British Columbia I recommend https://aeipsuccess.ca/ AEIP success, they have been really good to those who we have referred to them. Let them know that you are being referred by the Immigrant Centre Pre-Arrival Centre (where I work) so that they take you in right away.
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  10. Thank you! I just registered with them but didn't say I was being referred by you (I registered like an hour ago, out of curiosity). Hope I can tell them I'm being referred by you later lol. I wasn't sure because it doesn't spell it out who specifically they help or where the services are located. Some are for only Indian people, or Chinese. But looks like I'm on the right one now! I also took an online program about food safety management, it was an amazing course. Hope it'll help me get a better job.
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  11. Yes, I'm sure you can let them know when they contact you directly. I have referred them some people from Ethiopia and they were very happy with the services, so I imagine they have clients from all over the world. Since most immigrants in BC are from China, I imagine most of their clients are Chinese. And obviously you are perfectly fluent in English, but if you want some pre-arrival help in Spanish, I could help you as well, I just wouldn't have information that is specific to BC (other than really good restaurants, haha).
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  12. Thanks, but my English is quite good so I won't need those services. I don't have any problems communicating in English other than words I don't know yet but which are not used often. I'm reading books in English so I'm sure I'll expand my vocabulary.
  13. ok :)
  14. Hello Guys, Could you please tell me if this is a pre- arrival email? How does it look like ? Thank you.

    This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada which was received at this office on
    20 October 2017.
    We have created a file with the application number provided above. You must quote this application
    number in any future correspondence.
    Processing time
    You can find the average processing time for our office for applications in all categories at this address:
    http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/index.asp. This will give you an indication of how long it
    may take to process your case, once we have received all the required documents. We will not respond to
    request for follow up for cases which are within published processing time. However, if your case is
    taking longer than the posted processing time, please contact us by e-mail.
    As much as possible, we try to process cases on paper but if an interview is required. you will be notified
    one or two months prior to the date of the interview. Please note that an officer has the authority to
    request an interview for the principal and/or any accompanying family members.
    Interpreters must be arranged in advance for anyone who will be interviewed and who is unable to
    communicate well in English, French or Polish. Instructions for the provision of interpreters will be
    provided to you prior to your interview appointment.
    Let us know
    If your circumstances change you have to let us know (see address, fax number and email address below).
    More particularly, we want to know about a:

    Change in family composition including new born, divorce, marriage etc.;
    Change of address, including change of e-mail address;
    Change of immigration representative;
    Request for withdrawal of your application;
    For Skilled workers only: Submission of an Arranged Employment Opinion approved
    by Human Resources Development Canada.
    Prepare yourself for immigration to Canada
    Your application has just been received at visa office and some months will probably pass before you
    know the final decision on your application. We nonetheless encourage you to use these months to gather
    information on Canada.
    One of your first steps should be to begin researching potential employment in Canada. Most occupations
    in Canada are not regulated. For those occupations, the employer is responsible for assessing and
    recognizing your qualifications.
    However, some occupations are regulated and do not permit persons to practice without a license. To
    obtain a license to practice a regulated occupation, you must go through an assessment and an acceptance
    of your education and professional qualifications by a regulatory body. This assessment will compare
    your training, education and experience to Canadian requirements. This assessment will also help
    determine whether further training and evaluation may be needed before you acquire a license to practice
    your occupation in Canada.
    In partnership with Service Canada, the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO) provides

    information and referrals. You can find more information on the FCRO Web site at:

    www.credentials.gc.ca. Clients in Canada can call 1-888-854-1805 or the Service Canada general

    enquiries number at 1-800-O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) for more information. Clients in Canada can also

    obtain in-person service at Service Canada Centers.

    The Going to Canada Internet site (at www.directioncanada.gc.ca) has important information about living

    and working in Canada as well as the “Working in Canada Tool” which will tell you what the current

    prospects are for your occupation across Canada. It offers information on essential skills, job descriptions,

    work conditions and opportunities. It will also tell you whether your occupation is a regulated profession

    in Canada.

    We trust that this information is helpful.

    Immigration Section

    Embassy of Canada

    ul. Jana Matejki 1/5

    00-481 Warsaw


    Fax: (+48 22) 584 3194

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  15. It is not. This looks more like acknowledgement of receipt from your local visa office. The pre-arrival services letter indicates that eligibility has been passed (relationship is genuine). When did you get this letter?
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