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Pre-arrival services

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by valeria_pac, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Thanks. I would sign up.
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  2. I see that Bakhodir already gave you the info to sign up for Next Stop Canada in Toronto, which was going to be my first suggestion. They provide both settlement and employment info and they are based in your future city. Try to sign up as soon as you can so that you have enough time to take advantage of their services.

    You can additionally sign up for CanPrep, which is also located in Toronto and is focused on employment only. You can sign up for many pre-arrival services, so it's a good additional option in addition to Next Stop Canada.

    If you are in IT, the food industry, or the skilled trades, there are a few specialized ones for those fields. They are not specific to Toronto so they wouldn't be able to give you city-based info like Next Stop Canada would, but they would have interesting information about those fields.

    And if you know anyone coming to Manitoba, please let them know about the Immigrant Centre Pre-Arrival Centre :)
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  3. Thanks valeria_pac
  4. Could you share a link for these in Toronto and Ottawa please
  5. Are you sponsoring your parents or grandparents?
  6. Hi
    actually i asked because we will be mew PRs so in that case, how can we take help from prearrival services
  7. You will have to meet certain requirements first before you can sponsor your grandparents and parents. Come back after at least 3 years. During the time, you would probably figure what to prepare for your them to immigrate here (without the need of the pre-arrival services).
  8. Thanks
    I think i got confused with the info

    I was basically interested in prearrival services and info for us as a new immigrating family
  9. Hi there! I think the person replying to you was the one who was confused, not you :)

    For Toronto, I recommend Next Stop Canada, which is the service where @Bakhodir NSC works, here's their website: http://nextstopcanada.ca/

    For Ottawa, there's Build On: https://www.buildonbatit.com/en/Who-We-Are

    There are also Canada-wide services that are focused on specific aspects. PrepCan and CanPrep focus exclusively on employment programs, and like I said before there are a few Canada-wide services that focus on specific fields like IT.
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  10. Thanks so much
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  11. I think the only people who are confused is you and NSC :)
  12. Hi, Please can you help with pre-arrival services available in Alberta
  13. Hello friend, Thanks for the information.
    Someone on this forum told me that one can avail IRCC sponsored Pre-arrival services only after PR Visa is issued on Passport. Kindly clarify if I misinterpreted something.
  14. I think PPR mail qualifies
  15. Hi Valerie,
    Could you guide me for similar services for Montreal Quebec?
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