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Pre-arrival services

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by valeria_pac, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. I know most people are focused on getting their application through and waiting for the golden ticket/PPR! But actually this time as you await, is the best time to sign up for pre-arrival services. These services help you prepare to integrate and look for work in Canada.

    Make sure to sign up for IRCC-authorized pre-arrival services to avoid scams or identity theft. There are 24 IRCC-approved pre-arrival services, all of them are free, and you can sign up for more than one.

    If you are settling in Manitoba, we invite you to sign up for the Immigrant Centre Pre-Arrival Centre: www.ic-pac.com . If you are settling in another province, please comment with the name of the province, and I will include the links of all IRCC-approved pre-arrival services in your province.
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  2. But these pre-arrival services is not for everyone.

    Why would applicants from the Parents and grandparents immigrants have the use of such services?
  3. If anyone in this forum is sponsoring his/her parents or grandparents, they can tag me on this thread and I can suggest a pre-arrival service that would give them information specific for them, depending on their age and profile.
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  4. Lots of people. See the threads starting from 2014.
  5. The great post Valeria! Yes, pre-arrival services are an essential part of the settlement process in Canada. Making it faster and smoother it also allows newcomers to come prepared with all necessary actions/documents/belongings/finance and other vital things to start a new life in this country.
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  6. It's not essential for certain type of immigrants.
  7. Hello! My experience shows that it is essential for all newcomers, though you may know some exceptions? I think coming to a totally new country well-prepared is very important.
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    From your previous posts, there weren't anything related to your experience that shows it is essential for all newcomers. Sure, coming to a totally new country well prepared is very important but can be done without through your services.
  9. Undoubtedly it could be done without any services, at the same time it is a free service option aimed to reduce time and resources needed to look for information. Usually there is a plenty of information online, which makes any search confusing and time-consuming. While government-funded pre-arrival services help people referring to relevant, precise, comprehensive, and reliable sources of information.
  10. Many things in life are not essential, yet we are happy to have them in our lives.

    If you have specific questions about pre-arrival services, Bakhodir and myself can definitely provide you with some answers. However, so far it seems like you just want to antagonize with both of us, so I will just leave it at that and wish you a lovely day/evening :)
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  11. Thank you! :)
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  12. It could not have been more wise, a great answer! Thanks Valeria!
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    I am happy with this forum. So are you guys giving likes (to each other)!;)
  14. Thanks for this. very thoughtful. Pls refer me to an agency in Toronto for this free service. Am landing this November.
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  15. Welcome to Canada soon! Please sign up for the nextstopcanada.ca. Toronto is our home city, and we will be happy to do our best, running any challenges feel free to let me know here or by a direct private message

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