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Pre-Arrival Services Email Timeline

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by canuser, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Still no update with my application. :(
    Pre arrival received on June 19 2019.
    Gckey says my background check still hasn’t started.
    LVO is Manila.
  2. I got DM and pre arrival on 23 July after that nothing
  3. Did you get your PPR

  4. Still no update.
    I heard that for Manila Visa Office, it’s 3-4 months wait from pre arrival to ppr.

  5. Not yet. No update since June 19.
  6. Did you call cic ?
  7. I don’t know the number to call in manila visa office. I sent them an email. Their response was just a generic reply ( I think) that my application in in queue.
  8. Ok , my file got DM in Mississauga visa office I don’t they going send file to india or Mississauga visa office sending later for PPR
  9. Are you already in Canada?
    If you are, I don’t think they’ll still send your application to India.
  10. I m a sponsor I living in Canada but I sponsored my husband who is living in india
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    My parents passed their medical exam on 10 May 2019 and received the Pre-Arrival letter the next day, 11 May 2019.

    Exactly 3 months later, we are still waiting for the PPR from the visa office, which has told us to contact them if we don't hear from them within 180 days.
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    Hi. I think the letter of the pre-arrival services is sent to everyone who passes the medical exam. My parents' sponsorship application was submitted on 18 May 2018. They passed their medical exam on 10 May 2019 and received the pre-arrival letter the next day, 11 May 2019. When I contacted the Visa Office to see what is next, they said they now have to complete their background check, which can take up to 180 days. They asked me to contact them if I have not heard from them within 180 days.

    Also, according to IRCC (https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/new-immigrants/new-life-canada/pre-arrival-services/eligibility.html), you can get free in-person and online services, if:
    • we approved your permanent residence application
    • you’re currently outside Canada
    • you have one of these documents:
      • a letter from us saying you can get pre-arrival services
      • a confirmation of permanent residence letter
      • a passport request letter that indicates Permanent Resident visa issuance
      • a letter from us asking for your medical exam results
      • a single-entry permanent resident visa
      • a letter from us letting your know you can pick up your permanent resident visa
  13. I do not think it is sent to everyone after medical... since mine was done in February and yesterday received pre arrival letter. For me it is a mystery why I even received it:)
  14. Hello, did you receive passports request?
  15. You are correct, this person has no idea what they are talking about. Pre-Arrival is usually given when they determined that a relationship is genuine and then they do the background/security check, this could take up to two months to complete, pre-arrival to PPR could also be very quick, I have seen same day Pre-Arrival, DM, PPR.... but one thing is certain PreArrival is not given if medical is passed.
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