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PR renewal , Not meeting 730 days RO


Apr 16, 2020
I am from India , applied on skilled visa , got the PR in Feb 2013 , My family joined me after few months and we stayed 314 days in Canada , My kids also did schooling for around 9 months .Then my father become sick and we all have to move back to INDIA in Feb 2015.
After spending one year in India , I came back to Canada and I got my Citizenship in Jan 2020. But my wife and kids were there in INDIA TO TAKE CARE OF MY AILING father and my father got first Brain stroke in May 2016 after my coming to Canada and later he passed away in June 2018
They can move to Canada and My daughter is turning 18 in July 2020 and SON 15
My wife and Kids they spent 314 day in 5 yrs , their PR card expired and out of Canada now .
No of days spent in Canada -314 days
No of days spent with principal applicant ( with me ) before getting citizenship in India -469 days
Do they consider time spent with me outside Canada?
Can I apply on PR on Travel Document ?
what should I do ?
please anyone can suggest