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PR Paper based(PNP) AOR Timeline

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Singh9345, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Any update for you
  2. Today at 3:57 PM
    hello guys i have a question regarding the new pathway of ainp the so called Alberta Opportunity Stream.How long will it takes the certificate of nomination thanks
  3. Really? For me no medical request and sent pre arrival and BG in progress?? Why so?
  4. When it comes to BG, it is the term used by IRCC for Medical,Criminality and Security. So it is a wide term, don't confuse BG with other steps.
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  5. When Eligibility review and BG are simultaneously taking place, then when will the Medical Call arrives.
  6. Wa
    Wass ur AOR date.
  7. Anytime...personal experience
  8. Hi everyone!

    Just want to know your thoughts about my timeline. Am I near DM or PPR?
    Thank you.

    AR June 13 2018
    AOR Aug 17 2018
    MR May 2 2019
    MP May 22 2019
    File transferred to MVO - May 27, 2019
    ADR (FBI clearance) - May 27 2019
    Submitted FBI clearance - June 6 2019
    Pre arrival - June 19 2019
  9. Anytime means. Four weeks five weeks eight weeks nine weeks.
    There must be some duration..
  10. I got mr the next day..there is no optimum duration. All case by case
  11. I had accident with bruises on my left hand a week before my medical appointment date. Can it affect my medical result. Please advise me on what to do. The 30 days ultimatum is about end. Please
  12. Not to worry at all. They are not looking at that.
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  13. Thanks for the courage. I passed the medical. August 9 2019
  14. Congrats. Me too passed on 6th and got PPR on 8th.

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