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PR got cancelled at border

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Abnavkay, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Hi
    I am in big trouble because of my stupid mistake. I studied and worked in manitoba since 2015. I applied MPNP in 2017 and got my CoPR last month on 30th may. I was planning to move to BC because my family lives there. But I didn’t go for landing in manitoba but went to BC instead on 3rd July and told the officer that I am moving to BC. They cancelled my CoPR stating that you didn’t intend to live in manitoba. Honestly I fully intended to live in manitoba at the time I applied for MPNP back in 2017 but I couldn’t convince the officer. So now they told me to leave canada by 12 July and made sure I got a one way ticket to my home country. What should I do now? I am scared to death
  2. You have to follow what they tell you and leave the country, it's pretty straight forward
  3. You were correctly refused, so not much you can do with your MPNP. You’ll have to apply again through another stream from your home country.
  4. By applying through the Manitoba program you were required to continue to show an intent to live in Manitoba at landing. It doesn't matter what your intent was back in 2017 - what matters is your intent now and you clearly showed that you have no plans to live in Manitoba. Unfortunately your landing was correctly refused based on the information you have provided. You have to apply for PR from scratch.

    It may already be too late to do anything to fix this. However if you want to try, you will need to hire a very good immigration lawyer in Canada to try to help you. You are going to have to prove that you plan to live in Manitoba NOW (again, 2017 no longer matters). Again, even with a lawyer, it may be too late to fix this since you very clearly showed at landing that you have no plans to live in the province that nominated you.
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  5. I doubt that Manitoba would be at all interested in the nomination of the OP again in the future. This is a classic case of misrepresentation for PNP.
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  6. As you changed your intentions, you should have notified Manitoba and IRCC so that your nomination could be withdrawn.
  7. Yep, this is why the PNP system is so rife with people just using it to get PR and looking at the easiest option. Correctly refused and getting a PNP for anywhere now seems slim when they look at your file.
  8. Contact your MP and a lawyer. They should be able to help you. Also, first thing you should do is apply for a visitors visa inland. This may mean you need to quit your job as visitors cant work but at least you would be able to remain in the country. Another thing you can do is quickly apply for PR under CEC before July 12 if you qualify as your AOR should put you on implied status and you won't have to leave the country or quit your job.
  9. An MP or lawyer can't do anything at this point. OP committed serious and blatant misrepresentation and got caught.

    OP can't apply for a visitor extension because their passport was seized by CBSA and they were given a departure date.

    Even if OP qualifies for CEC and has a high score, it is unlikely that OP will get in the EE pool, get an ITA and get an app submitted before the 12th. Note that submitting a PR app does NOT give OP any form of status or allow them to stay beyond the 12th.
  10. Have no clue why people assume that by getting their MP involved is suddenly going to make everything alright .
    The law was correctly applied, a MP can’t overturn a decision based upon law, and nor should they be poking their nose around trying
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  11. You should done your landing in Manitoba at a minimum and become a PR. While being truthful is definitely the right thing to do, I sometimes feel people get oversold by the fact often told in this forum.. that you need to be truthful to the officers.

    If there was an intent to be truthful it should have been there when you chose to apply MPNP while having family in BC..

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