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PR card Urgent processing!

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by SANA96, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    My family and I landed in Canada in June 2007 and got our PR cards and left the country one month later. We came back to Canada in June 2012, few days before expiration of our PR cards and stayed in Canada since then (more than 730 days). Since we need to go back home urgently for a month, so I submitted application on last Monday (June 30th) and asked for Urgent processing of PR card renewal. Our tickets are for July 29th.

    Is there any chance for us to get our PR cards by the end of July?

    I really appreciate for any feedback.
  2. Call them by the end of this week and inquire for status. Keep pushing them, but again nothing is guaranteed.
  3. Hi SANA96,

    I just submitted an Urgent processing request on a PR card renewal for a client of mine as well and there really is no guarantee you will get it in time.

    But, from your message below, it looks like you were out of the country more than 1,095 days in the past 5 years. In order to be allowed a renewal, you need to meet the residency obligation and if you have not met it (ie: you were out of Canada for more than 1,095 days in the past 5 years) you need to send in all supporting documentation to show where you were, who you were with and for what reason.

    Hopefully you also included copies of your airline tickets with your application as a travel itinerary is not good enough.

    Good luck. Should you require any additional assistance, we are available to help. info@siriusimmigration.com.
  4. If your application indeed gets processed urgently. You should expect your new card in the mail soon.

    Mine was processed on July 3, and new card was sent out yesterday, but unfortunately they sent it to the address without apartment number on it. Hopefully I can still get it. Finger crossed.
  5. Quick question, when did you send in your application??

    To the OP, they received my application on May 30, but didn't start processing till June 24th!! I called them and my card was still in queue for production! My trip was supposed to be for this Saturday but now I've had to push it back to the 21st in the hopes that it'll be enough time for my card to be made and mailed out to me in time. So to be honest, I am not too optimistic for you if its taking me this long to get my PR card.
  6. My card was already sent out, confirmed by CIC. I sent the application early June, but it was not processed urgently. I called CIC and they could not provide me with any info why it was under normal processing. I had to delay my trip, then I sent them the new travel info again requesting immediate urgent processing which was end of June. Yesterday I logged on eCAS and it showed they started processing on July 3. I called them again, and was informed the card was sent out July 7.
  7. My suggestion if you do not receive your card within 2 weeks or no update on eCAS site is keep pushing them, and states how important this upcoming trip will be.
  8. I just got off the phone with them again and told them your story. My card's been in production since June 24 and they have no idea why it's taking so long. It all depends on the production facility apparently and the CIC has no control over the production of the card. Everything has been approved for me, its just the matter of getting the actual card. I really hope my card gets sent out soon....
  9. thanks for the feedbacks,
    I submitted my application on June 30th and they received on July 3rd. As I was in Canada for the past two years so I submitted only the notice of assessments for the last two years. So do you think it may cause any issue for me as they ask docs for the last 5 years?
  10. It might, it might not. All depends. It might trigger a RQ, it might not.
  11. Sana96,

    I applied the same way back in 2012, and I was not able to obtained mine. I just proceed with my travel and just applied PR docs to return back here in Canada. What happened was they asked for copy of the pages of my passports I used for the past 5 years which was difficult to produce at that time because my old passport was not with me. Not only that, I had to translate all the stamps on my passports that are not in English. Although I met my residency obligation, I was away for 3 years. I'm not and expert, but in your case, you might get a letter from them with regards to meeting your residency obligation.
  12. My case for urgent processing of PR card renewal was received in Nova Scotia on 11 June 2014 but still online status says "we are unable to identify you.......". I enclosed full travel information/documents and my seats are booked for 18 July. I am still waiting and waiting. Called immigration office twice but no satisfactory reply was given except that they suggested to leave canada without PR card and apply for travel document from Islamabad. I am not sure I would be able to get PRTD. I had 738 days on my credit at the time of application. Does any body know they open the envelope as it is received or open it on its turn? Any idea about PRTD from Pakistan?
  13. i applied for urgent processing in march, still havent got it(my travel dates were last month). my application was referred to the local office. So dont count on it...
    My advice would be to go on your trip but change your return flight, if you live somewhat close to the american border, buy a ticket to the closest US city, and cross the border with a rental car with these 3 documents

    1) Confirmation of Permanent Residence (landing papers)
    2) Your expired PR card
    3) Evidence you applied for renewal - (CIC website status check printout, copy of application). and your travel history just in case

    You have fulfilled your days and are still considered a PR even if you dont have a new card.
  14. I don't have a US visa. Can I apply for a US visa on the basis of landing papers? I don't know how long it takes to process the visa.
  15. Received my card in mail last Thursday. It took about a week for urgent processing.

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