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PR Card Renewal - Outside of Canada; invited to appointment inside Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by PRCardRenewer, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I'd like some advice on the following.

    I am renewing my PR card and have been invited to appointment to collect it next week (received the appointment information this week). My PR card has expired, though I applied for renewal when it was valid.

    I only realised this morning that the eTA seems to make it impossible for me to get into Canada. I can't apply for an eTA as a Permanent Resident. But without a valid eTA or valid PR card, it seems the airline won't issue a boarding pass. Is this right?

    When I renewed the card last time, I arrived at the border with my expired card and letter of appointment to collect my new card, and CBSA let me in. An immigration lawyer had told me to do this and not to get a PRTD.
    With only a week between receiving the letter of the appointment and the appointment itself, surely I'm not expected to get a PRTD? I emailed the office where I'm having my appointment to ask for confirmation that I can enter like last time, and that the expired PR card plus letter will be sufficient to allow entry and sufficient for the airline, and they didn't address either point but just told me to get a one-time entry visa (is this a PRTD?) from my nearest embassy or consulate. But how can I do this in time? Surely they'd have known when they invited me to collect the card?

    What should I do to get to the appointment in Canada?
  2. You haven't told us where you're from which is an important piece of information. I'm going to assume you aren't American.

    You need either an valid PR card or a valid PRTD to return to Canada by airplane. You do not qualify for an eTA as a PR. You can apply for a PRTD - but are extremely short on time.

    The other option would be to fly to the US and then re-enter Canada via a land boarder using a private vehicle.

    You aren't actually supposed to renew your PR card from outside of Canada - so that's part of the reason you have a problem now.
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  3. I'm British. I've renewed this way before because I'm accompanying a Canadian citizen outside of Canada - so I meet the RO. The reviewing officer will have seen my address outside of Canada.

    I don't think I'll get a PRTD in time as the application states it needs to be mailed, if I understand correctly. Or can I get this in person in London?

    Thanks for the prompt reply!
  4. Even if you're living with a Canadian overseas and meet RO - you're still supposed to be in Canada to renew. So that's why no consideration is given for travel.

    You need to mail in the PRTD application.
  5. Definitely not sufficient for the airline. You have only 2 options as mentioned:
    1. Get a PR TD. You can apply in person at a local VAC (Visa Application Centre).
    Canada Visa Application Centre
    66 Wilson Street,
    EC2A 2BT

    Expect it may take a couple days to process your PR TD app, and then pick up your passport with PR TD inserted. Call them to ask.

    2. Fly to USA, and cross into Canada via land border.

    I'm curious, did you apply for PR card renewal while still in London, or on a trip to Canada?

    Common knowledge on this forum is that you must be physically inside Canada to at least submit the PR renewal app, so would be very interesting if yours was processed even though you mailed it while in London.
  6. Good question. Just like this one, I sent the last renewal application from the UK, and flew over for the appointment to collect the card. Hence why it didn’t occur to me that anything was going to be particularly difficult this time around.
  7. In London PRTD takes on average 5 working days only unlike many other countries provided that you are eligible which I think you are based on your circumsatnces.
    You will need to go to the VFS office who takes the application online. In your shoes, I will apply for PRTD immediately and send a proof of the application to the office in Canada that you are waiting to receive PRTD and ask them to reschedule the interview..
  8. Very interesting to know that PRs can apply for PR card renewal while physically outside Canada. Did you include a Canadian address anywhere on your app, or just your London address in all cases?

    This is contrary to the rules which states that you should be in Canada to submit the app:
    To be eligible for a PR card, you need to:
    So not sure if you just got lucky a few times, or if it's IRCC general practice to process PR card renewal apps submitted from anywhere in the world but then force the PR to return to Canada to pick it up.
  9. Hi, when did you send your application for renewal? Please share your timeline, I am a PR living abroad accompanying a Canadian spouse.

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