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PR card problem

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by fac3time, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    So my problem is simple. I do have my pr card and i am trying to become a citizen. I already applied for it and now im waiting for my test. I am outside of canada for almost 6 months in this year and my question is: am i going to loose my pr card if i pass these 6 months outside of canada? If i loose my pr card, does it cancel my citizenship application?
  2. Just put your PR card in a safe place if not traveling to Canada. You won't be worrying...
  3. Your post does not really make much sense given as a PR you need to meet the residency obligation 2 years out of any 5 years so being away for just 6 months is not any issue as long you meet the 2/5 rule. If you are away still after you have submitted your citizenship application you need to be prepared in case to return at short notice.

    Maybe clarify what you are trying to say by lose PR card literally misplacing it or are you trying to say lose PR status.
  4. Yes i mean loosing my pr status. I have read online that i have to be at least 6 months in 12 month period to not loose it and other post says it has to be 2/5 rule like u said
  5. If i loose my status, does it cancel my application Or not?
  6. 6 months out of 12 months rule is now a history my dear. As per the current rule all u need to do is to spend 730 days to maintain ur pr status in Canada or 1095 days to be eligible for citizenship
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  7. I think you are mixing up losing your PR card and losing your status. These are two different things.
    If you actually lost your PR status (which is a long and intricate process started if you seem to be in breach of the 730 day rule), then yes, your citizenship application would be cancelled.

    If you lose your PR card, it doesn't cancel the process.

    Just because you lose your drivers licence, it doesn't mean you are not a qualified driver anymore. Just because you lose your health card, it doesn't mean that you are not insured anymore. Just because you lose your passport, it doesn't mean you lose your citizenship. Just because you lose your PR card...
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