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PR Card Photos rejected

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by abujihad88, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Hey Farah just a question,
    I also got my pics rejected. I'm about to send new ones, but in their email CIC asks to "Enclose the requested documents, a copy of this letter and folded self-addressed envelope in the envelope with our mailing address". Did you also send this folded self-addressed envelope? They are also talking about another 2 Xpresspost envelopes... "· If you have not already provided a return envelope: you must purchase two prepaid Xpresspost envelopes, one self-addressed and one addressed to our office."
    What did you do?
  2. I am currently in India and got photo request email for me and my wife. I have below queries:

    i) should i sent photos + photocopy of letter (email from CIC contains PDF) from India directly to CIC or through my relatives who are in Canada?
    ii) should these be two separate letters ; one for me and one for my wife? or a single envelope containing photographs for both?
  3. What is your landing date
  4. I am also in the same situation. I received an email from CIC for photo request for myself and my wife. However, I've not received photo request for my two kids yet (one is <2 years and one is 4 years). I will be waiting for a reply from someone who has first hand experience in this situation. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi I was only asked to send the copy of the letter back and no Envelopes were requested from my side. I would just send them if I were you. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi All ,

    We already linked our PR cards with CIC account , its showing Approved for me and my kid from last 3 days but still submitted stage for my wife ? any one face this issue...

    Gegerally when they ask for new photos set as I did not get any email from cic for photo rejection ??
  7. Hi,

    Kindly help and guide for good photo studio in Mumbai as we my sons and my photos were rejected for second time
    We did a soft landing and are back in mumbai..going clueless as to why it is getting rejected!!!
    Wondering how my husbands got accepted and ours two got rejected!! is it the chin to forehead ? is it the ears ?
    infact 2nd time we took it from the studio in the VFS Building..and he promised all he knew the dimension and none came back

    Kindly revert with the studio anyone has gone after photo rejection and got accepted

  8. Hi,
    Can you advise what did you did finally and how did it work out for you. I am in the same boat. Did soft landing and now in UK. received photo request for me and my wife. Nothing for child. I am sure my child's photo will also be rejected as face size was not in limits of 31-36 mm. Shall i send my child's photo with just a typed covering letter or wait for actual letter to arrive at my friends address in Canada.
    Anyone if you can help.
  9. any one have idea until which photo resubmitted date PR card already processed .

    My wife submitted her new photos on 5th June and expected they received on 11th/12th June but until now its showing submitted status in CIC .
  10. I sent all photographs in single envelope with speed post from INdia to Canada. With photos, i sent print of email received. Latest update is, my photos have been delivered in canada and now i am just waiting for next process ( PR Card)
  11. same
    same was the case with me. For adults, it is always email and for kids photo request are sent via mail to the address given. In my case, i have sent photographs of all in single envelope and right now waiting for next process.
  12. 18th APril
  13. Not having success linking the card application. One thing on the link form is that the country of citizenship does not include "United Kingdom". it has "England" but you can't be a citizen of England.

    Have posted a technical issue twice on this and just get the usual run around. Tech. support is quite hopeless really.
  14. have same the issue with Scotland.... they just arent getting it mate !
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  15. Hi all
    I received an email that my photos are rejected, however I did not receive any email for my one year old daughter, but in any case am sending hers as well, but now the issue is if the photo of my one year old has her teeth showing ,does that mean open mouth and will be rejected again? Should I go and get the photos redone?

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