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PR Card Photos rejected

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by abujihad88, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Hello All,

    I have landed with my family and became permanent residents on May 28, 2015. then returned back home on July.

    My PR card was delivered on September 7, but still we did not receive the PR cards for my wife and my two kids even though it has exceeded the said processing time. I called the call center and they informed me that we need to update the home address for them as it is blank and they need new photos for my kids.

    I have two questions/concerns:
    1: As we are out of Canada now, Can I take photos for my kids from my country and mail them direct to the address they gave me? or they would only accept photos taken and mailed from within Canada??

    2: After we landed I was not able to check my online status and it says "We were not able to identify you using the information you provided." note that I use my UCI no. and I have sent a technical difficulties inquiry but I didn't receive any feedback.
    Does anyone have any suggestion in this matter

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing good news.
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  2. Yes, you can send photo from outside. Ensure that your lips (or there lips) are closed, and the photo meet specifications.
    My photo was rejected just because of my lips were slightly open :(

    Good luck
  3. Another option is to get travel document (much easier to get than a visitor visa even). Travel to Canada, get pix here anywhere in Canada, definitely in cities, they do know to take good pics that meet the specs than anywhere else abroad. There seems to be problem with little kids pix.
    Saying this coz they do need a date of pic taken at the back and sometimes they do have stamp of the photo studio, which might give them a reason to suspect and sending it from abroad could be suspicious as as well...
  4. Thanks to all for your feedback.

    I am going to take the photos in my country and stamp the date on them then I will mail them to my friend in canada. And my friend will mail it to cic.

    hopefully it will work and we get the cards soon

    Thanks again.
  5. Do we need to include the stamp of the photographer? or can we just write the date ourselves?

    will it not be a problem if they find out that the photos were taken outside of Canada? specially if the photo has a stamp at the back?
  6. are you sure it is ok if the date is stamped on the back? Because I read somewhere that the date has to be digitially printed on the back side.
  7. Dear,
    Stamped date is enough.

  8. Hi all,

    My Ecas status changed to completed and current mailing address still doesnot change (Still singapore address). I landed vancouver on 28th Sept, 2015 and should I wait for another few more days as processing time line is 42 days. any advice? Thanks.


    Best Regards,
  9. @abujihad,

    any luck? have you heard back from them after resending photos?
  10. Hi,

    I am also in the same situation as you where i am outside Canada and they had requested for photos to be resent. I have taken photos in US and need to send it to my friend in Canada to mail to CIC. Did you get the PR card after sending the photos from outside Canada, please let me know
  11. You can put the date the photo was taken yourself by pen. No need for stamp.

    Take photos from the country where you are presently residing as per the photo specs ( be careful regarding the face size), put the date the photo was taken on the back of the photo, courier it to your friend in Canada and let him mail it to CIC as per the instruction on the rejection letter.
  12. @tanvira bird, @abujihad,

    did you guys finally receive your pr cards?
  13. Hi, I have the same problem, did you received your cards after sending pictures from home country?
  14. Hello all,

    Has anyone received the PR card after sending the photos from outside Canada??

    Is it an issue if we send the photos from outside Canada. Please do let me know.

    Thanks in advance

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