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PR card not generated during COPR landing

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by avigangs, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Hey,
    I did my soft landing by driving from USA to Canada today. The immigration officer told me that he will not issue my PR card today as I plan to head back to USA and not settle in Canada permanently right away.
    Could someone please suggest how do I proceed to get my PR card generated ?
  2. Settle in Canada. You need a Canadian address for them to send it to.
  3. So they DEFINITELY processed your CoPR? Assuming they did, you have 1890 days to advise CIC of your Canadian address for them to send the PR Card to.

  4. This happens sometimes at the officer's discretion. You can call or use the webform (linked in Hurlabrick's comment) and provide a Canadian mailing address at which to receive the card if you have one available. If you wait longer than 180 days to provide an address, you will have to apply for a PR card yourself when you are ready. Not a bad thing; you just have to pay the application fees in that case.

  5. I have a canadian address that is my cousins’s place but I am heading back to USA. Can i provide this address in a few days and they will ship the card here or can I only provide an address when I have moved permanently
  6. They stamped the date I entered Canda on the COPR and stamped the things to follow list and then they let me enter Canada. What else does it take to process COPR ?
    Will I need to be physically present in Canada at the address for them to send it there or can I be abroad and provide the address and they will send the card to the specified address ?
  7. Yes, they certainly landed you.

    As another poster has said, they will start tge process of generating your PR card IF you can provide them with a Canadian residential address (ie not a rented PO box) and IF they think you will be at that address to receive it.

    Sometimes they ask how long you will be at the address and if in their judgement that is not long enough for the card to arrive, they are well within their rights to NOT trigger the card and advise you to request it via the link iI gave above when you do land for good.

    In our case, we did a 2 week soft landing and gave a friends address in Canada. They did not ask how long we would stay so I didnt tell them. Our card was generated and our friend sent it by courier back to us in tge UK.

    If they refused to trigger it, perhaps nothing to stop you using the link now to avise CIC of your friends Canadian address now? Just a thought.....
  8. Mine was the same case..I called cic 1 week back and tell them I need to update my address..agent took my address and said pr card will come in 15 weeks..
    Waiting for pr cards now...
  9. When you gave CIC the address you were not present in Canada ? You were abroad ?
    And how long did you wait after soft landing to update your address?
  10. I was in USA...
    I updated my address after 3 weeks
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    Does anyone know how long it is taking these days to get new PR card after landing in Canada? I will be traveling to Vancouver very soon from US and would like to know the time frame. I see on their website that it takes 16 days. So does the PR card come under 16 days or it can take longer? What time is not included in 16 days?
  12. That is their internal turnaround time. To that add say a week either side for the paperwork to get to them from POE and CanadaPost mailing time the other side, so call it a month or so.
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  13. Thanks! Do they give any tracking number for the card using which I can track the status of my PR card?
  14. We didn't get one, but that was a couple of years ago now, don't know if it has changed.
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