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PR card address of different state than the one you landed

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Canada_cube, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. If I land in BC but give the address for PR card delivery for Ontario, how will it impact me ? Would anything change.
  2. Did you get PR through any BC PNP program?
    If not, then it does not matter.
    If yes, then CBSA agent might doubt your intent to reside in BC. In this case, you can provide PR cards delivery address by calling CIC customer care after landing.
  3. Minor point but get used to referring to provinces in Canada not states . The US has states Canada has provinces.
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  4. i am FSW. So it shouldn't make any difference where i intend to get PR cards mailed?
  5. Right. It does not matter.
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  6. I have similar issue, I got my PR under Express Entry and am landing in Vancouver, BC (same is mentioned in my COPR)...i wanna give a Toronto, Ontario address to deliver my PR Cards. is that ok? what was your experience?
  7. That's fine.
  8. @APPNOV2014NY: I am now in India and recently got my CoPR via Express Entry-Federal Skilled Worker and will land in Toronto (as specified in CoPR) soon. However, as part of internal company transfer, I am given the option to work from our office in Montreal, QC. Two questions:
    - Though I put Toronto as my destination, can I land directly in Montreal instead of Toronto ?
    - Should I need a CSQ along my CoPR/PR card to work in Montreal ?
  9. Without proof of onward travel beyond Quebec, you could be refused landing.

    FSW applicants must declare they will not reside in Quebec. You cannot apply for a CSQ without applying to immigrate through a Quebec stream.

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