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PR AIPP APPLICANTS (MAY 2018) applicants

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ishpiringkiting, May 15, 2018.

  1. hello everyone. are there any applicants here for AIPP PR who succesfully submitted their application this MAY 2018 and are awaiting for AOR? how long does it take nowadays to get an AOR? i am applying outside Canada. LEt's connect here and post our timelines. thank you. i successfully submitted my PR app and was signed by Bryan last MAY 1. still waiting for AOR.
  2. I'll be starting with it soon.
  3. Please has anyone gotten endorsement confirmation from Nova Scotia under AIPP?, if there's, I would like to know the number of weeks (timeline) it took for the endorsement to be confirmed by the province. Thank you
  4. nowadays, it takes one month
  5. Th
    Thank you for this info
  6. @ishpiringkiting Mate, tell me one thing. My IELTS and ECA is ready. I'm planning to apply for a PR first and then TWP. Is that a good plan?
  7. That's not actually possible. If you apply for PR , U wouldn't need to apply for TWP again ,otherwise you apply for TWP first then apply for PR
  8. TWP first, then PR. But if you want to go directly to PR, then you won't be needing the TWP.
  9. Thanks, mate. Can I like apply for PR even when my TWP is in progress or does the PR have to start once TWP has been granted?
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    Thanks, mate. I was thinking that I go for a PR application and whilst it's in progress, I apply for a TWP too. Is that not allowed?
    One more question, I know the TWP is a paper based application, is the PR through AIPP is also paper based or can it done online like Express Entry? Have a good one!
  11. Hello everyone,
    Please can you share how did you get the job. Was it through any consultant or you got by yourself by applying on random websites? Kindly share your experience as i am also looking for a job under this (AIP) program.
    Thank you,
  12. Hey, mate. Do we need to apply for the temporary work permit at the local embassy in our home country or need to send the documents to Canada? Please advise.
  13. For TWP, it depends on where you are residing at the time of your application.
  14. Hey i applied on 8th june 2018
    They recieved my documents 14june 2018 as per tracking number,,
    Waiting for my File number and medical?
    I guess these days they are taking time to send file number like month and a half!
    So hope for the best i am applying from inside canada
  15. Thanks, man

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