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Post-medical OUTLAND paper-based PNP apps with Oct/Nov/Dec 2017 AOR

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Supercanadian, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Hello! As you could see from the thread title, this is for all outland (visa office outside Canada) applicants who submitted a paper application (not EE) to IRCC/CIC after receiving their nomination from a province, got their AOR in Oct, Nov or Dec 2017, and have either completed or passed their medical exam. The purpose of this thread is to monitor the trend for passport request (PPR) e-mails.

    If you did not receive your AOR in Oct, Nov or Dec 2017, your timeline may not be relevant here.
    If you are yet to receive your MR, this thread may not be of much help
    If you're an inland and/or EE applicant, please don't post here. Thanks :)
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  2. Hi
    Med passed July 09 2018
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  3. Thanks! Please do update when you receive PPR.
  4. Hello,
    Medical passed July 23rd.
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  5. Congratulations!
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  7. Med passed July 31
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  8. Congratulations! What's your timeline?
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  9. Aor oct 2017
    MR July 23
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  10. Which local vo? I am under sgvo, same AOR date, but no MR yet
  11. Accra i think
  12. Any further updates, guys?
  13. Cic received date 25 October 2017
    27 December AOR
    upfront medicals Passed 15 August 2018
    Background checks not started
    No pre arrival email
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    Hi all:
    cic received date 27 december 2017
    26 feb 2018 AOR
    Medical passed 27 July2018
    Pre arrival email 26 July 2018
    Background check on process
    waiting for Request passport
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  15. Which visa office?

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