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Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by A_Smile, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Hello guys, hope you all are having a nice weekend. Just wanted to share some positive news that 2 of my friends who had applied for PGWP on Jan 22nd night, got their approval yesterday,i.e., April 26th. Their Review of Eligibility status updated on April 25th.

    Both of them got it for 3 years as they studied at Centennial College Business Management course of 2 years without taking any break in between.

    I applied for PGWP 2 weeks later due to passport renewal so I’m in the queue with you guys as well. Hope we all get the PGWP soon! Cheers :)
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  2. Yes, you can extend your PGWP if the one you received has less duration than it’s supposed to have. What I did however, is that I renewed my passport first and then applied for PGWP because I didn’t want to waste another $255 later on and save myself some time as well.
  3. Hi there,

    Could I ask how long it took for you to get your passport renewed? I'm currently in Edmonton, so I'll apply under the Alberta jurisdiction. I'll be in the same situation as a lot of us, receiving a PGWP for a shorter term due to passport expiry. I'm just worried if it takes too long to get a new passport and then reapply for the work permit. Thanks!
  4. For me it took almost 20 days. I applied for my passport renewal on Jan 14th and got the new passport back at my home by Feb 4th. That day itself I applied for PGWP. I applied for renewal through the Toronto BLS Office as I’m Indian.

    If you have anymore issues or doubts feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you :)
  5. Can, we apply trv from other contry after receiving work permit inside canada? Because i want to leave country in a emergency
  6. Hi all,

    I know I am in the wrong forum to ask this question but I am having trouble finding what specific thread I can look up the information I am seeking.
    For TRV, how much is the fee and how long was the processing time for people who applied for this?
    What are the requirements needed to apply for one?
    Thanks so much
  7. Hello guys,
    I have just completed my final exams last week, waiting for COG and transcript. Meanwhile, I am preparing for documents to apply for PGWP.
    Is there any whatsapp group for PGWP?
  8. Has anyone got Hard Copy of Work permit ?
    How many days it took to come ?
  9. I got approved on Thursday and got the Hard copy next Tuesday.
  10. Thanks so much for the information! I'm actually from India as well, so I'll be heading to the BLS centre here in Edmonton. The website says processing times can take more than 2 months, so I got a little scared!
  11. Hi, thank you! Any detailed explanation about his case and how he got it? Please explain more! Thanks!
  12. Yeah those processing times are actually not so accurate. For clarification on the processing times, try to visit the office once and ask them about it and they will help you with it. Although the website gives you good info but it lacks contemporary updates to the processing times. :)
  13. My fren spoke to university and took a whole semester break on medical grounds. When the person came back they submitted appropriate proof and continued with studies. But there is a catch. Although the person was on break, they had paid the fees for that semester. So not sure if that counts as a break.
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  14. Any update today ? I am hoping CIC finishes Jan month this week :( So that feb starts soon
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