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Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by A_Smile, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, has anyone applied PGWP recently? If you do, let's share the timeline so that we can be more informed of the processing time. :D

    According to CIC website, the current processing time is 36 days.

    My case: Applied on March 3rd, still waiting.
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  2. Anyone on the same boat?
  3. Applied on feb 18th, got the message application got submitted on 20th.Still waiting.
    Room mate applied on feb 9th and he got on march 24th.Hope i will get on this week.
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  4. Are you guys applying within Canada?
  5. Hi, does your roommate get the permit sheet or see it approved online? It looks a little longer than 36days
  6. Probably you will get it within next week! Please let us know when you get your approval :)
  7. Hi, my case yeah, not sure about others though.
  8. I see, thanks for the reply. Good luck!
  9. Hay guys, I got my work permit approval email today ..march 30th.
    I studied 1 year graduate certificate and a normal trade certificate(i extended my study permit for this) and got the permit for 3 years.
    My name was given twice on work permit(like steyn smith steyn smith) as i have given the name again on the last name, because i don't have a last name on passport.Do u guys know how to change name on it?Hope it won't create any problems in future
    I took a 3 months break between courses and did not worked on sin.
    Thank u all :)
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  10. Submitted on March 1, so far no update.
    It's a bit taunting since I have a job offer pending... HR is waiting for this work permit to "finalize paperworks".
  11. Congrats! I have no idea how to help you with your name issue though, hope somebody else is able to answer!
  12. Hi, I think you will get yours within a one to two weeks.
    One of my friend applied hers online on Feb. 21,and she got approved online Today (March 31st).
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  13. Here are some timelines that I have gathered from my friends who applied PGWP online during Feb:
    Friend A: Applied online on Feb.11th, got online approval on March. 20th
    Friend B: Applied online on Feb. 14th, got online approval on March. 25th, got work permit (paper) on March 31st.
    Friend C: Applied online on Feb. 21th, got online approval on March. 31st.
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  14. Any news? CIC website shows its about 37days now.
  15. Applied online on Feb 17th. It still says that my application is in progress. Am I the only one who is waiting ? I'm so tensed now !
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