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Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by A_Smile, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. lets wait for 2-3 days brother
    else we can’t do anything
  2. if it's 'Application/profile updated', what does that mean ?
  3. is there anyone here who applied after 14 February under the new rules, without a valid study permit.
  4. Whats that new rule brother?
  5. to apply without a valid study permit when applying for PGWP, these rules were introduced on the 14th of Feb
  6. one of my friend he got his work permit an hour before
    he applied on 27 jan, 2019
  7. Where seen Review of eligibility date?
  8. Bro what was the duration of the work permit ?
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  9. It just got updated on 11 Jan you have to check it by yourself
  10. 3 years
  11. Yes you can
  12. To get 3 year PGWP you need to study 2 years or more, no other way.
  13. As of the new rules in March 2019, is it possible to get 3 year work permit for 2 year course(16 months actual study,4 consecutive semesters) , I have heard that only 16 month work permit will be issued due to the change in new rules, whereas previous applicants got 3 year permit
  14. Yes it is Possible. For more details Refer to this link
  15. First of all, thank you for the reply, I too believed it is possible to get 3 year permit, but I can't help to notice the note that was written below it

    If the officer notes that the duration of studies was shorter than the duration of the program, as indicated in the letter confirming the completion of the program of study, and the program was not completed in an accelerated form, the post‑graduation work permit may be issued in accordance with the duration of studies. For example, if the applicant undertook classes for a period of 12 months, not in an accelerated form, but their degree notes that it is a 2‑year degree, the post-graduation work permit may be issued for 12 months, in accordance with the duration of their studies.

    The above paragraph which was written in the cic website is really confusing, it's kinda states that 2 year course with 16 month actual study will given only 16 month permit, which means almost all the people who apply to diploma will get 16 month permit only, I would be very happy if you could enlighten me about this

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