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Post e-APR Process and Common Reasons for Rejection

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by BillHyatt, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Seeking advice on LOEs. There is a separate section for LOEs, but I am wondering if I should compile LOEs that are relevant to other sections with those supporting documents. For example, for proof of name change, I will submit a copy of my marriage license. I want to include LOE stating that in my country that is all that is required for for a woman to take her husband name. Should I compile this LOE and copy of marriage certificate into one doc and upload under proof of name change section, or should I only submit the marriage certificate for that section and compile all LOE's together, or write one long one, to upload under LOE section?
  2. My approach to LOE is to Keep it simple:

    I would prefer this format

    " IRCC

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Introduction including EE Profile Number and ITA date.

    Heading (Education)

    Anything I need to tell or explain about my education. For example, I studied in Delhi/Dubai while my degrees are of UK. This will avoid confusion for the analyst as sometimes they generate ADR to present UK PCC because you have mentioned its degree.

    Heading (Proof of Name Change - Marriage)

    Explain your case under this heading

    Heading (Funds or Other) Issues

    Similarly, create a separate heading for each section.

    Closing Para = I hope you will find everything in order however if you need any further details please contact me at ............

    Kind Regards,


    Name (Passport Number)

    Appendix 1: Table of Documents Summary (Listing documents submitted under each section)
    Appendix 2: Address History (In an organized way - Starting since 18th Birthday)
    Appendix 3: Travel History (For Last 10 Years - See the Travel History form of CIC)
    Appendix 4: Supporting Documents (Attach all supporting documents here including Nomination Certificate)

    You may add or delete appendixes according to your need or preferences.

    This format has helped applicants avoid ADR related to Sch A and Travel History, and provides an organized explanation that assists analysts in making decisions.

    I hope this will help.
  3. Urgently request help as I am clueless around the next steps.

    My spouse is the primary applicant and she has received an ITA last month. We are now in the process of getting the supporting documents ready for upload.

    1. Regarding work experience, my spouse has secured a work permit from her current employer and has a job offer letter which is valid for 2 years till June 2019. However she is currently not working in Canada and is continuing her employment from the country of residence.. She has received a deputation letter which says her period of employment in Canada is for 2 years till June 2019 which was again used to get the work permit.

    Can this job offer letter stating details like reporting manager, job location, pay, working hours along with deputation letter be used as an evidence of a valid job offer for PR visa ?

    2. In her EE profile, the section on intended work in Canada requests details on a positive LMIA, LMIA issue and expiry dates. However the job offered to her in Canada does not require LMIA. She has an LMIA exempt number. Can this LMIA exempt number be mentioned in place of positive LMIA number with issue and expiry dates mentioned on work pemit ?
  4. I don't see any problem with both as they fulfill PR conditions and your offer will be valid until June 2019 which indicates it will be valid for at least 1 year or more at the time of PR. So, it shouldn't be a problem.

    However, you can see from the following link that if you meet all requirements for your relevant stream.

    I hope this will help. Good Luck.
  5. Thanks Bill. This is indeed comforting. Could you also assist on the below ?

    1. On entering the LMIA exempt number which is alphanumeric in LMIA number field in the PR application, it does not accept. So I have removed the alphabet and mentioned the rest. Its now a seven digit number. Please advise if this is fine.
  6. Hi ,

    Was hoping somebody could help me out on this forum .

    I got a message from CIC stating my application was cancelled due to incompleteness - They say that my police certificate from
    country A did not cover a period which aligned to my address history.
    Can I lodge a case specific enquiry as :

    In my address history i put it as

    Country B : 2015/01/22 to current

    Country A: 2013/01/01 to 2015/01/21

    In my police certificate for country A I got it from 2013/01/01 to 2014/12/27 BECAUSE i had left the country on that date and was in country B . I was staying as a guest at my brothers place in country B until I sorted my official residence which I did on 2015/01/22 . During that period I still considered my official residence in country A and official letters were still being sent there (university )

    Also I indicated this in the personal history section showing I was in country A and then country B with the exact dates. So I actually disclosed this in the personal history section .

    Will I be able to lodge a case specific enquiry and get my application reopened as i was not in the country at the time (police certificate for country A is correct) and because i still considered that my country of residence until i sorted my residence in country B . Country B police certificate does not contain periods just stating I have no criminal records under my name.

    If anyone could advise, would be grateful.
  7. I would suggest to write a full LMIA number in LOE and explain your current status. Good Luck.
  8. My initial post has already identified this as one of the most common reasons for rejection. Your file needs to be rectified and there is no gain in sending the CSE. Instead, you should re-enter the pool and correct your address history dates. It doesn't matter where you were living in Country B for the first few days and the only thing that matters is that you were in Country B on 28/12/2014.

    I will suggest to correct your dates of address and re-enter pool and get ITA and submit your e-APR the same day with LOE explaining your situation.This process will take less time as compare to CSE that will be responded in 1 month then the decision in another few weeks (if they forward it to senior analyst) and with chances of the negative response.

    I hope this will help. Good Luck.
  9. @bill anything you are hearing on the coming draws?

    It seems the 2017 quota period ends in Sep but we don't yet know the 2018 plan which leaves the next few weeks in a no man's land.
  10. Hello Billhyatt, thanks for all your reply. I have a few questions

    1) My IQAS ECA certificate come through in my email and I saw a file No e.g "56479IMM"..pls is this my ECA reference No..?

    2) l saw the sample LOE above, I intend to use it to explain some situations, for example my middle name which is on my passport and other docs is not in my Degree certificates (it has both my first name and last name). Also, what is the best way to explain a US visitor visa refusal in an LOE.. I will love to keep it simple and is it advisable to attach the visa refusal letter too. I have the US visa refusal letter..

    3) I don't understand how the appendix in the LOE sample above work. Are you advising will create them and attach extra docs to the LOE

    4) It is advisable to complete the Schedule A form and submit it with the application while submitting the E-Apr.. I heard some people do this or we should wait for VO to request for it

    Thanks again.
  11. Not yet but will see after September. At the moment CIC only wants to process applications faster and end backlogs.
  12. Hope they clear the PNP backlogs too at the earliest :D
  13. I hope this will help. Good Luck.
  14. They are and processing is faster now however it will still require more resources to bring it near to FSW.
  15. Thanks Bill. I'm PNP Outland and it's been only one month since AOR. Hopefully I won't have to wait longer than 6 months for PPR.
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