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PNP PR - September - October - November 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by atif_r0x, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Hi, We also sent docs on Nov 15, 2018. IRCC received on 19 and still waiting for AOR
  2. I got AOR today.
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  3. Congrats!

    Still waiting for my AOR
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  4. File received on 26th October, still waiting for AOR? Anyone here with file received on the same date as mine?
  5. Got my AOR. Yours is coming, on today or tmr
  6. Congrats buddy! When did your file received KingTech?
  7. Thanks
    One day before yours
  8. Congratulations!!!.
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  9. Hi,
    Would you plz let us know the status of your application. Did you receive any acknowledgment from them about receiving your application?

    Hi everyone,
    My paper based PNP file has been received yesterday on 13-Nov by Mr. T.MARTELL, does any have sent his documents to Sydney, NS (PNP category) and documents received by same person? My timeline is mention below.

    SINP File Submission: 09 Aug 2017
    Nomination: 11 Oct 2018
    Federal AR: 13 Nov 2018
    NOC: 2133 Electrical and Electronics Engineer

    Please share your timeline, and share your numbers so I can create a whatsapp group and add you all.

  10. Hi please I got a nomination from SINP but I have not seen a message from myCIC to accept and no 600points credited. I have sent a mail no response. I tried to update profile that I have nomination the section seems locked please any clue on what I can do
  11. Documents received Aug. 1, AOR Sept. 12. Still waiting next step...

  12. Hi,
    I applied for AINP PR and send the File on October 25, 2018. I haven't received no file number neither email saying that they received my documents. Please reply anyone about how much time it should take??

    Thanks in Advance :)
    Please reply will be appreciated a lot.
  13. Hi,
    Which province through you applied ???
  14. Hi,
    Through which province you applied through ????
  15. You sent on October 25, but what exactly date Sydney CIO received your app (via tracking)?

    You should use online tool to check your app status


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