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PNP PR - September - October - November 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by atif_r0x, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Same thing here I was ask for ADR new reference letter and pay stub uploaded on July 31st . Status show "the documents have been uploaded "
    I was getting worried,
    What was you ADR for
  2. Sep 10 AR got ppr today as per immitracker.
  3. Got my 2nd ghost update today!

    File Number Sep 10 2018
    MR may 9
    Mp Jun 6
    Ghost update Jun 6
    PAL July 4
    2nd GU Aug 12
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  4. AR: 31 Dec 2018
    AOR: 20 Mar 2019
    Any Dec 2018 applicant received Medical recently?
  5. Great news! I think you will get ppr or dm very soon within a week.

    Your timeline is similr to mine: I'm Sept 28 and PAL July 13.

    Are you inland?
  6. Yes, I'm inland single applicant.
  7. AR june 13 2018
    AOR aug 17 2018
    MR may 2 2019
    MP may 22 2019
    FT and ADR (fbi clearance) may 27 2019
    Submitted ADR june 6 2019
    Pre arrival june 19 2019

    No update since pre arrival. LVO is Manila. Mygckey still says it hasn’t started my backgroundcheck. :(:(:(
  8. Good morning everyone,

    This will be my last post in here for a while.

    My timeline is above and today
    Aug 13 PPR and DM.

    Wish you all the best.
  9. Congracts buddy .
  10. Hello
    My AOR is 27 feb 2019
    MR- 18 July 2019
    I submitted my upfront medical which is still valid
    I had my medical done in Jan 2019
    When I got MR I submitted to CIC next day
    After that I haven’t got any response
    Is upfront medical would be fine?
  11. Schedule A and RPRF
  12. Yes it is fine . If you dont get the PPR in a year and it expires , they will either extend it or ask you to undergo the exam again.
    Going by the current trend if your AR is December , you might get PPR in november 2019 (this is just an estimate ) or it could be delayed because processing time right now is 18 months .
  13. Ok
    Thank you so much for reply
  14. Also my AR is 7 Dec 2018
  15. Got ghost update this afternoon.
    My timeline:
    AR : Sept 07,2018
    AOR : Oct 20,2018
    MR : May 09,2019
    MP : May 25,2019
    PAL : June 28,2019
    Ghost Update : Aug 13,2019

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