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PNP PR - September - October - November 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by atif_r0x, Nov 14, 2018.

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    Any change in your app status or still be Submitted? How about Criminality and Security check ? Are you inland or outland and your visa office please.
  2. Admin please I have questions about when my application status going to change from submitted to another status thank you
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    Still submitted
    Do not know ..

    I'm a little worrying about:

    If you applied in October, see maybe your status of "Review of additional documents" also changed ...
  4. Hey guys, here is my timeline:

    BC PNP, inland, paper based
    AR - Sep 28, 18
    AOR - Dec 3, 18
    MR - May 13, 19
    MP - Jun 3, 19
    Pre-arrival - Jul 13, 19

    I wonder if I can get PPR by the end of this year...my current employer is obviously abusing my immigration status. He knows I can't leave him until I get the PR. Really wanna get away from this awful company as early as possible :(
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  5. Maybe you will receive this year but you are still far from 18 months (processing time).

    Also, if you are working under abusive conditions, please contact your PNP. Try to get some proof. You don't have to stay there if that's the case.
    All the best.
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    I think yes, many people got PR in 1-3 months after pre-arrival letter.
    This is an average time. I am thinking it happens more often in 9-12 months.
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  7. Pls help me to find out whether I pass my medical and the current status of my application .its shows now :Medical Results Has Been Received, not showing passed or not and also no specific date for that. .how can I check that and how long more it will take to get my PR approximately..!
  8. I done my medical on May 16 th...!
  9. You passed the medicals , if you didnt they would have asked you to do follow up some more extensive tests , if you are october AOR , Youre way under 18 months , so stop worrying about it too much . pnp takes a long time (it could be early if you're lucky ie:10 to 14 months)
  10. Hii
    Is there anyone from October (Application received ) passed the eligibility and criminality?
  11. aor aug 17 2018
    mr may 2 2019
    mp may 22 2019
    adr may 27 2019
    file transfer may 27 2019
    submitted adr june 6 2019 (fbi clearance)
    pre arrival june 19 2019

    in my gckey:
    Background check
    • Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.

    So they haven’t started my background check?
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  12. I don't think so.
    Background check = Criminality then Security check. As they have asked for your FBI clearance, actually your background has started already
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  13. Wow that’s good to hear. Thank you!
  14. Anyone whose papers arrive on Sept , 2018 get any update yet?
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    Hi All - Quick Update. I submitted my Medicals on 25th May. There was an email from CIC (Ottawa) on 17th July about a Passport Request. I was surprised as I was waiting to hear back about Medical PASS/FAIL results.

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