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PNP PR - September - October - November 2018 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by atif_r0x, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Ecas status changes
  2. my file received on august 27 , 2018 and got prearrival on june 22 ,2018, it 's already in processing. How long for PPR?
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  3. A lot of June 2018 applicants got PPR this week, so I would say you may have to wait maybe a month or two for your PPR
  4. Now a days after medical it is fast
  5. AR 25/10/18
    AOR 23/1/19
  6. Plz suggest my medical expected month
  7. What is your ecas status ?, and u have to wait for few more months to get medical request
  8. My ecas status shows , we are processing your application, remaining processing time 10 months
  9. No Update as of today for the submitted Medical Tests. It is almost 1 month past of the submission of Medical Report (upload) by the Doctor.
  10. Good news July 2018 applicants started getting PPRs....we’re almost there
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  11. Usually how long does it take for background check? I called CIC last week, the person told me they just started my background check. Can I expect it this month?
  12. Guys, files are being processed randomly, yesterday 2 of my friends got passport requests and surprisingly their aor were june 2018 and dec 2018 respectively and mine aor was 17 sep 2019 and my medical is being submitted and my status says :-(in process)
  13. Sorry just a typo it was 17 sep 2018**
  14. Your friend's AOR is Dec 2018 and got PPR? That's fast.
  15. I think your friend who applied on Dec was under CES process

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