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Aug 3, 2019
Paper based
According to their website the processing time is 18 MONTHS for paper application.

However, looks like it’s been so long they touched your file.
I think you should try to talk to a CIC
agent over the phone to know what is going on or if you can raise the issue by filling out a web form. Though your application is still within the processing time.
Another thing people usually do is that they order gcms notes which would trigger the officer in charge of your file to give the latest status of your application, in such cases if your file had been forgotten.


Sep 4, 2019
Hey my timeline is
AR-13 Nov 2018
AOR- 09 Feb 2019
MR- May 13 2019
Medical Passed- June 17 2019
ADR -PCC August 19 2019
PAL- August 20 2019

Anybody knows how long for PPR? I’m inland