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PNP PR - October-November-December 2016 Applicants

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by tntusr, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Hey Chhaya12, do you know what documents to bring to do the flag poling? What's in the envelop when IRCC return your passport? Thank you very much!
  2. hey for flag poling, you need to take the following
    1. your passport with the IMMIGRANT VISA STAMP ( it includes you and your dependents, if any)
    2. all your previous study and work permits
    3. confirmation of permanent residence form ( comes in the mail with your passport) - it says do not sign it - SO dont sign it- as you have to sign it in front of the immigration officer during flagpole
  3. Great! Thank you very much! I sent out my passport on June 7th and waiting for it to be returned. Good luck with your flag poling! Congratulations!
  4. Is your application status approved with counter foil number updated on your mycic Gckey account ?
  5. Not yet. Still says submitted. Don’t know how long it will take. Hope soon.
  6. I am really worried. But few ppl who submitted same day , already got their pp back
  7. I understand. I am a bit worried too as we are really at the last stage. We will get our pp back for sure and then we can move forward. Try not to worry too much. We will get there.
  8. Ah. I received another email saying your account is updated today. But there's nothing new as what I saw yesterday.
    My app was already approved yesterday with counterfoil.
    But return tracker was still not activated.
  9. Mine still not approved .
  10. Anyway, we already got used to the way they did to us, right?
    We have been waiting more than 20 months... No worries about another day or more
  11. did you add your spouse
  12. I include them in my application my spouse and my child.
  13. Awesome, congrats!
  14. Any updates on your cic account? I guess I won't have luck today. Nothing happened to me.

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