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PNP PR - October-November-December 2016 Applicants

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by tntusr, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Good Day,

    Lets share our timelines and update each other here.
  2. Hopefully I get my AOR this month. By God's grace
  3. Application received at CIC 30 September 2016. OID - SINP
  4. Expecting AOR this month too. :eek: ;D
  5. When did you submit
  6. Application was recieved by CIC: 11th July2016
  7. BC PNP and PR timeline

    May 2nd - submitted registration for BC PNP
    June 2nd - ITA
    June 8th - submitted application for BC PNP under Entry-level and semi-skilled category
    August 19th - nomination received
    October 7th - paper-based PR application received by Nova Scotia office

    Waiting for file number and medical!

    Good luck everyone!
  8. As it seems people who submitted their applications after october wont receive AORs till January 2017 if CIC continues at its current pace. They are extremely slow right now and it is ridiculous.
  9. Any new applicants for October?
  10. I want to apply in October or in coming months, if my only options - SINP or NSNP opens again but I'm hearing they will not open until Jan 2017.
  11. BC - PNP applied on July 18
    BC - PNP nominated September 29
    Paper Based application sent to Sydney on 14th Oct.

    Any idea when do I get AOR?
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  12. January/February 2017
  13. and may i know the processing time is from the date I received AOR or the date CIO Sydney my application received application
  14. For your AOR 90+ days, after that it depends your visa office.
  15. Hello All,

    ;)new here
    just sent and received by CIO my application last Sept24. I hope there will be no problem encounter.
    Hoping coz praying.

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