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PNP PR - JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2016 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by manikn10, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. bcpnp
  2. Aug 17 applicant....Bg still na ....depressing
  3. So we will get ppr in March than
  4. there is nothing to do with MEDICAL . Didn't u notice august applicants got ppr who did medical in november . Its about batch or i would say luckkkkkkkkk which i dont have
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  5. It’s not about luck it’s about that cic is delaying the files. As August n first week of sept have same timeline. But they r giving to few of them n wen we call them they r saying that ur security has not yet started
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  6. I think August last and early September applicants will get Ppr in mid feb (15-25),just assuming
  7. There are many left from July too!
    July 25,they told me everithyng is passed but still no DM yet
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  8. dude i know i meant to say because everytime our turn comes they change their pattern like in december once june applicant got ppr right after next day some july applicants saw their BGIP . but not in our case still waiting
  10. Sigh seems the pattern is different for us now
  11. thanks
  12. Aug 3rd still waiting. Bgip since dec 20
  13. Will get ppr next week before 20
  14. August 2 applicant waiting for DM

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