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PNP PR - JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2016 Applicants>>>Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by manikn10, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Good day everyone, Calling all JULY 2016 APPLICANTS, lets share our timelines and update each other here...
  2. Hi Guys,

    Do we need to provide bank statement/sponsorship docs/educational certificate/transcript/ employment letters during our PR(through PNP) application in CIC? I cannot see these documents requirement in the checklist IMM5690. Please assist. My sister is going to apply early August.

  3. Hello friends,

    I was nominated by Saskatchewan. I just sent my paper based application to Sydney on July 22th. After that, wait for the AOR. With respect to documents that you must submit, You must strictly send the documents requested in the checklist. Remember, if you was nominated, the province already checked all those documents.
  4. By the way, my Visa Office (VO) is Mexico.
  5. Thank you so much. I will touch based with you again after sending the package.
  6. Quote from: Nisha_Litty on July 26, 2016, 11:45:19 am
    I tried to apply for federal program but when I select Manitoba or Saskatchewan it says I don't have eligibility.

    I am a 34 years old MCA graduate with more than 10 years in IT industry. My IELTS score is L-8.5, R-9,W-6.5 S-6.5.

    I would like to know,

    1) In which all provinces is open to apply for Skilled worker Program.
    2) Is it necessary to know French to apply for Quebec.
    3) which all other options I have to immigrate to Canada.

    Thank you so much for you support.

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  7. Dear, read it carefully. Your all questions will solve automatically.

    OID :- http://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/international-skilled-worker-occupations-in-demand

    Application Guide for OID :- http://publications.gov.sk.ca/documents/310/85140-ISW%20Application%20Guide%20(No%20Job)%20(06-May-16).pdf
    Note : Read it cogitatively.

    Saskatchewan Express Entry : - http://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/international-skilled-worker-saskatchewan-express-entry
  8. Thanks for your reply

    Could you help you pls let me know the Quebec immigration is french is mandatory ?
  9. Not. But without it u will lose many points difficult to get necessary points.
  10. Hi All,

    I am new to PNP. So, does anyone know when SINP would open again?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Hi All,

    Here is my application status as of today:


    ITA received - 13.07.16
    eAPR & AOR - 24.07.16
    Medical passed - 27.07.16
    BG check - in progress - 27.07.16
  12. Some forums state that SINP has been opening on & around 20-22 of every month since May. I applied on 21st Jul 2016.

    Keep checking this link http://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/maximum-number-of-sinp-applications

    Good luck.
  13. It is not Federal Programme, It's Provincial. You are more than eligible for SINP EE, your IELTS score is 7.5, and they require overall 6.5. You must select NOC 2171 (NOC 0213 is also for u, but it is tough to convince, always choose lower category NOC). for applying this immediately generate deposit of $12,164/ INR 6,50,000 (for single person if unmarried) then after 3 months u will eligible to apply for SINP (POF must 3 months old at the time of filling Application). SINP intakes open frequently every month.
    The other option is, You can think about Morden Immigration.
  14. Guys please dont forget to add/update your details on PR tracker.
  15. Good Morning all

    I have submitted my PR application in Economy class PNP based on 26th July. I assume wil lget PR sorted in 15 months. Any one assumes differently ?

    Any idea lately how did it take to get PR in this Paper based application ?


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