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PNP PR - Jan - Feb 2019 >>> Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by T.J., Feb 20, 2019.

  1. I am on a PGWP until july 2021.
    My Fiancee is here on a study permit. We're planning to get married in may this year.
    After I receive AOR I'll add her to the application; That's my plan. Hope this long journey doesn't become longer Lol !! :)
  2. Inland
  3. You shouldn't do upfront medical, the validity of the medical result only last for a year, and the processing time is 15-19 months now. You could do it upfront after a year of waiting if you still not receive MR yet.
  4. Great Advice Thanks.
  5. 3-4 months
  6. Hello Everyone!

    I am living in Manitoba and applied to become a Provincial Nominee in 2017.

    I became a MB PN in Jan 2018. I Sent my application for Permanent Residency - they received it April 2018 and my profile was created and 'Submitted' June 2018.
    I applied paper base.
    I am NOT doing Express entry.

    Its now been 8 months going on 9 months with no contact or Medical exam request.
    How long does it normally take for them to contact you for a medical?
    I know processing times online are saying 19months for PN PR- so that would be November 2019..

    Please if anyone has a idea to a time line, let me know!
    I'm New to this sight.
  7. Anyone tell me, how long NB PNP paper based PR processing takes time ? i got Nomination already but not received the File number yet.
  8. Inland
  9. Anyone who has applied to the BC PNP program here? Or anyone applied in the NOC Code 0014 here?
  10. SINP OID August 2017
    Nominated November 2018
    AR January 4th 2019

    Waiting AOR
  11. What is your NOC code?

  12. NOC 2132
  13. How long usually does it take to be asked for a medical exam after getting your AOR? (for MPNP paper based living in MB)?
  14. Thanks

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