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PNP PR - Jan - Feb 2019 >>> Lets Connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by T.J., Feb 20, 2019.

  1. PNP PR - Jan - Feb 2019 >>>Lets Connect here
  2. Bonsoir j aimerai savoir la procédure pour s inscrire au PNP et se faire nomminer par une province
  3. Hi,

    Application Submitted - Feb. 15, 2019
    Application received - Feb. 18, 2019

    Waiting game begins...

    Good luck to all of us!
  4. B
    [QUOTE = "azuredragon, post: 7615254, member: 802863"] Bonjour,

    Demande soumise - 15 février 2019
    Demande reçue - 18 février 2019

    Le jeu en attente commence ...

    Bonne chance à nous tous! [/ DEVIS]
    Bonjour est que tu m aider je suis novice et je sais pas par quoi commencer
  5. OINP ISJO, Received Jan 18, 2019, waiting for AOR
  6. I am ready to send the application, I am just waiting for my passport back that I sent them for visa stamp for work permit.
  7. I submitted my file today. They should receive it tomorrow.
  8. I just realized I didnt include enough personal history and missed 2 years at the begining. What can I expect ?
    File returned or Only the updated form request ?

    My file is still in transit to them.
  9. Application Submitted: February 25, 2019
  10. Hi,

    Inland or Outland?

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    get ready for 24 months waiting...
    I have been waited for 12 months already, still no updates since AOR. Yes I do mean still NO MR yet.

    whats more, I am not the only few have such timeline, there are a bunch of feb/march 2018 are waiting for MR still.
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  12. My brother just got LAA by draw on Feb 19 and just filling application to submit now ..Waiting game period started
  13. Hi,
    For PNP paper based PR application do we have to provide upfront medical or they request at a later stage. Does it help in processing if provided upfront.

    Also, work permit holders already in Canada are Bio-metric exempt is that correct.

    Appreciate responses.
  14. anyone knows how long does it take for AOR after app received ?
  15. That's a million dollar question, mate...lol! Anyway, did you apply for OWP for your spouse or your spouse already here?

    It will be a long journey and we will be together on this. Keep us in the loop!


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