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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Coolblacky, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. And also it would be a good idea for all of us to meantion if any of us have added spouses or dependents Later date in ur file? And if you are inland or Outland?
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    Jan 27, 2017 applicant. Included spouse in application from the start. I am inland, spouse is outland. There were no changes to my job, family status, province of residence etc. No updates since medical passed on May 15.
    I called CIC, went to my MP, filled a bunch of web forms, all to no avail.
    Just got a call back from my MP, CIC is ghosting them now. Didn't get back to them on time. I am at a loss as to what to do now.
  3. I applied inland with spouse inland from the beginning-May 5,2017. No changes to file or anything. I applied for notes from June and still have not received it. They sent a form for my spouse to file and I haven’t heard anything since.
    I contacted a MP who called them a few times they said they are still working on it and it’s in security check which is not done by the government so they don’t have a time frame to tell me so I just have to wait. I applied for the bridging work permit and got it until next year October so I guess I’ll just wait.
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  4. on which province ?
  5. I got married during my process, let them know, but did not include my spouse! so do you think that still can delay my process? they did not request anything related to my spouse though!
  6. You have to add your spouse on file. Anytime you change your status you have to inform cic.
  7. Yes you informed them that’s correct I am assuming you mentioned there them that your spouse is non accompanying right ?? Yes it will as they will still verify your spouse’s criminality, medical and everything
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  8. Alberta province
  9. Yes just make sure he is added on your file and I have read and will soon share with you guys they only approve BWP if your PR application is going good and they know that you will get it. I have that link I will share with you guys. We are on the same boat nothing yet let’s see.
  10. which stream are you under ? I do not have any job letter request on my original requirement
  11. May 24th applicant here. Single applicant
    Passed eligibility in Feb.
    Had to redo medical in May.
    Was asked for resume in Aug.
    Since beginning of September I'm in background check. Hopefully this wait will end soon!
  12. I am getting a little confused now!
    I just wrote in that form that I have got married this person (only name). But I did not send any additional forms, she is actually here in Canada, so I am worrying now should I include her? I actually applied through a lawyer but he is not helpful at all! I appreciate if you can let me know what is the right thing to do now! (I applied 27 feb 2017, medical march 2018, requested to send updated resume October 2018)
  13. Hello
    Just had a talk with cic
    I got 2 more lines added in ecas on friday
    So i thought bg is done
    He told me everything is done,
    But not the security.
    Does anyone know what they do in security? How much more time will it take?? Its already 22 months .
    Feb 7 2017 applicant -ainp
  14. u will get it soon
    are u from haryana?

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