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pnp concern

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by imsayooj, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. hi, I have a question my friend got fired from his job and his pnp is still in process, what is the next step he can do ?
  2. Call PNP , let them know. N find new job that meet their requirements. Cause if PNP call the former boss, he or she will said your friend been fired. Plus you friend is no reporting, could caught in misrepresenting and there maybe penalties, cancel the application or ban from applying in certain years.
  3. Thank you for your response and We appreciate it. He found a new job and can he update with the new job letter? and what reason he should give the pnp in changing the job. I have heard like the pnp will only be calling the new employer not the old one is that true?

  4. Usually you need approval from PNP to change to other job. They hope the other job is better for you n hopefully on same NOC. Just say he been fire n fortunately got the second job that match the requirement in short time.

    Right now in his PNP profile, only old employer information in there. Unless you report with the latest details, so they can call the new boss. It is applicant responsible to update their profile. On moment been fired, he should have report.
  5. Will they cancel his PNP as he was fired from job and his work permit expires in 3 months that is Feb 2020. what would he do if PNP is cancelled, Can he extend his work permit at any course ?

  6. this is why, he have to communicate with pnp for any updates. I don't think they will cancel it. I have friend that got paid off from Sears, the officer end up give her time to find new job.

    So just be honest and accurate. Good thing is your friend found new job, I hope the new job is same category as before n still meet the requirements.

    Inform them asap. Don't delay.
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  7. so did your friend again worked for 6 more months in the new company ? or did the PNP officer approved the file after updating ?

  8. inform them the changes and stay b work there for long.
  9. Yeah thats true but he is also concerned about his work permit that expires in 3 months and if they ask them to work 6 more months he will be in trouble

  10. you cannot justify its approval.

    Once you change job, just work on the job for long till everything done.

    And again if you change job, you need to ask permission ahead before you do so. Any updates can cause reassessment n take longer time to get your approval. So be careful.

    But always keep in mind, any dishonest, inaccurate , misrepresented, can cause you ban from applying.
  11. Thanks so much and Can he extend his work permit in case of any issues?
  12. Check on Bowp on ircc. But first need nominated approval from pnp.

    N probably he won't get enough time to get aor but at least keep all stuff recorded to proof later u submitted or application to ircc.

    So deal with pho first. Anything happen they may also issue work support letter to apply for work permit when hhis nomination approved.

    Each province works differently.

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