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Please share your experience about Criminal Rehabilitation application in 2017

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by seekingCR2, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. oh, i see, i haven't applied for EE, just want to clear my CR first...
  2. If you qualify, why not apply now?
  3. Good luck with your app!
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  4. I am not in much rush to apply, taking it step by step.
  5. Thank you.
    Just wondering if it was a good sign that they asked for newborns documents.
    I submitted the court details in May2019.
    No decision yet..
  6. first of congrats on newborn! Secondly, I can't say if its good or bad really, its just a process, but surely indicated that they are actively working on your case.
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  7. Hi andy108,Did you get any acknowledgement of application when applied for CR from the Sydney office?
  8. I didn't - its my lawyer who handling it, he mentioned that he will get in touch once he hears something. I put myself sort of guideline, to follow-up in Feb-March if i wont hear from him.
  9. Ok.. actually my application is received today, i checked via auspost.
    I raised a webform with the receipt of the fees for CR which was last week.
    I will order gcms notes next week as well just to see the hold.
    And..i am also expecting some movement in my file due to expiring medicals in December..
    Lets hope for the best..
    All the best to you as well.
    Please keep in touch..thanks
  10. Hi, has anyone recently applied through the UK office and any clues on general processing times with them? Thanks
  11. I've not seen recently anyone from the UK, but generally London is slow.

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