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Please help! Visit Visa rejected twice from Dubai

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by dubaiboy, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Dear All,

    Greetings from Sunny Dubai!!

    I am 28 years old ( Single) & had applied for a visit visa to Canada on the 1st of May 2018.

    First Application

    Docs submitted as below-
    • Bank statements with approx USD11000/-
    • Leave application from my employer.
    • Passport copies with a valid UK visa expiring in June 2018.
    • Copy of my residence permit in the UAE with my designation as Sales manager.
    The above was refused with below stated reasons-
    immigration status in country of residence
    personal assets and financial status
    travel history

    My travel history includes - UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Georgia. No valid US visas.
    Cause of the above I stressed on the financial factor & re-submitted my application with below docs.

    Second Application - Applied May 24th 2018
    Docs submitted as below-

    • Bank Statement with approx USD19000/-
    • A copy of a contract of my purchase of shares in a Dubai based company. Notarized by Dubai courts.
    • Trade License of my company which shows I am a partner with 24% share.
    • Bank statement of my company showing approx USD140000/-
    • Term Deposits of my share in the company with my bank amounting to USD217000/-
    • Authorization letter from my bank stating I am one of the authorized signatory of all the bank accounts etc.
    • Family Information form - Living in Dubai with parents & my sis.
    I just received my second rejection with below reasons -

    Purpose of visit
    Your family ties in Canada and in your country of residence
    Your immigration status
    Your travel history
    family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    immigration status in country of residence
    travel history

    I do not have any family ties in Canada & wanted to visit for tourism.

    Can senior members please assist me what can I do to correct the above or should I just stop trying?

    Thank you for all the help in advance!
  2. Did you upload your bank statement of at least 4 months?
    Putting in money in your bank account just before applying is not a good idea.
    Did you upload you and your family’s valid residency visas?
    Property contract or lease?

    What’s your nationality? Do you have any ties to your home country? Like property in your name ?
  3. Hi Zigzag85,

    I submitted my bank statement of 6 months, my balance was stable at USD11000/-
    Yes I added an additional USD8000/- to my personal bank account from my company's account with a statement saying withdrawal of retained profits.
    This transaction was shown on both my personal & my company's bank statement.

    I did not upload my family's residence visa as I thought this would confuse the visa officers. However I had mentioned I was in partnership with my father who also resides in the UAE.

    Family info form had all info about my family (Address was the same as well, as we live in one house)

    My nationality is Indian & do not have any ties to India except couple of bank accounts with long term deposit accounts (Very small amount kept in India).

    But as you see they have refused it based on the "family ties in country of residence" and "Immigration status" (Dubai residence visa expiring in Jan 2019, but I am born & raised in the UAE. Had my visa renewed in the UAE since birth.

    I do not understand what do I do about immigration status. The UAE does not grant a PR status anyway & will always have an expiry date on my visa.

    Your comments appreciated.
  4. I had your same problem we applied and got rejected on the same grounds.

    -For ties to country of residence you can submit property lease or car lease.
    DEWA bills old residency visas that show you’ve been in Dubai for a long time.
    -You should submit the statements of the bank accounts in India for ties to home country.

    -You should definitely upload your family residency visas as well.
    -If you have young siblings you could upload their school enrollment or university documents anything of that sort.
    -did you write a letter of explanation?
    You should explain why you’ll definitely be back in Dubai.

    I should tell you I’m no expert.
    @Bryanna will definitely help you.
  5. Hi,

    Unfortunately, a TRV refusal was expected for the second application. And, the refusal reasons have increased as compared to the first application.

    IMO, the reasons why you were refused:
    1. While the UAE won't grant you PR/citizenship, your immigration status in UAE will always be temporary. This means you must prove you have exceptional ties to UAE and/or to India.

    2. The UK is generally quite liberal in issuing visitor visas to even first-time visitors these days. The other countries you have mentioned don't count as travel history.

    3. A question you would need to convince the visa officer: Why Canada? You don't have any family/friends to visit + no compelling reason to visit. You can visit other countries for sightseeing. Europe, for example, which is closer to you.

    4. Your financials are not convincing. An increase by CAD 9,000 in your bank statement after your first refusal implies it was borrowed/inflated for the reapplication.

    5. Your employment/business ties are confusing. Employment ties are tougher to prove in family-run businesses.

    On one hand, you stated you are employed as a Sales Manager, while on the other hand you have a business/earned CAD 9,000 as dividends in the business you have with your dad. You cannot be both i.e. employed + a shareholder in the same business.

    6. I suspect the visa officer believes you want to visit Canada for business reasons. Or maybe for some other reason i.e. not for sightseeing

  6. Hi Bryanna,

    Thank you for the reply.

    Visa status- My residence visa on my passport shows my designation as Sales manager. But I do have a share in the company as well.
    Do you think changing my RV to a partner status might help?

    Ties to Residence country- Unfortunately the only compelling reason I have to return to the UAE is my company & my family about whom I have advised in my letter.

    Financial Status - As I am running a business, most of my money is in the rolling capital & kept in as deposits under the company name [Higher rate of interest for long term deposits] & hence I have transferred this money from the company account to my personal account.

    Reason of Visit- Tbh, my girlfriend has moved to Canada in March & I just wanted to visit her for a week. I have mentioned her name as a friend in Canada on the application form. I did not declare this as they would suspect I would apply for a inland spouse program after getting married to her & dint want to open a whole new can of worms.:(

    Travel History- I have visited the UK, France, US & Cyprus as a minor this was obviously more than 10 years ago. This will not make a difference right?

    Although I am not going to reapply in the near future, do you think there is any alteration I can do the next time I apply?

    Once again thank you for your patience.
  7. I believe it would help because your business status would become evident.

    Like I mentioned earlier, there are contradictions in your employment and business claims. You cannot be employed in a company that you own. You can only claim dividends/profits from the business.

    That said, you would need to submit a whole bunch of documents to prove your responsibilities and ties in your business/company + why your dad cannot manage the company without you (i.e. your active contribution to managing the business on a daily basis).

    You must also establish other strong ties to the UAE before you reapply.

    Again, even as a business shareholder you cannot withdraw company funds for a private visit unless you have the written approvals of the other shareholders + the business partnership agreement allows this.

    I had a pretty strong guess that this was the reason for your visit :)

    Travel as a minor many years ago won't count. Do try and build some travel history before you reapply.... apart from the UK.

    Do post the documents you intend to submit when you're ready to apply. Will be able to advise then
  8. https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/got-visa-despite-having-12-years-study-gap.564513/#post-6991322
  9. Your TRV refused ? Sory to hear.
    Once you shared that u were applying
  10. Purpose of visit
    Your family ties in Canada and in your country of residence
    Your immigration status
    family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    immigration status in country of residence.

    In my study permit i got same reasons from Dubai.
    But in 2nd attempt i got in 12 days.
    So dont wory. Try to focus on documents .
    Check my thread as well.
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