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Physiotherapist who are just Bachelor's degree holders, don't screw yourself in


Mar 13, 2019
Hi l have Online 3yrs Degree in human resources management and social work and a 2yrs Diploma in community development and counseling 'then l have 6years part time community worker years in south sudan and 4 years in kenya which is my country and currently am working in Dubai for approximately 4years in security guard position my question is is it possible to get PR with my experience and education background? kindly help me


Apr 21, 2020
Hello Dipti, I saw your post and I am curious to get some information for myself.

I am a physiotherapist. I have worked as full-time employee for last 10 years and now I am working as free lance Physio here in Bangalore. I am looking to immigrate to Canada. Could you please suggest the best approach for me to initiate.

1. I should appear for IELTS General or Academic? Please suggest as couple of people suggested General and Academic both work for PR.
2. As per your post, is the above approach for applying for Credential evaluation to Alliance of Physiotherapy Canada possible from India? If yes, then what is the process.
3. For the license exam one needs to be present in Canada or can also attempt from India.
4. Once a person successfully completes the license exam, can the person directly start working there and side by side initiate the PR process?
5. Does the experience counts once a person passes the license exam.
6. When should I plan to start on the ECA with WES, before the IELTS or post that?

Please suggest what is the best approach if one is not looking study as the route of entry, as I am married and I have kid and due to this I can't opt for studies at the current situation.

Would be waiting for your kind response on this.

Thank you,



Jul 3, 2020
@ Aquib --> Well first of all you are sure you are not going to apply under the FSW scheme ? Because she can work for a year in India and then apply under the FSW (Fedral skilled worker) program.

I would say the route to take from here on is, that please ask her to apply for Credential evaluation to Alliance of Physiotherapy Canada. Now I have at least 4 friends + 1 ME (we all are Masters in Physiotherapy from India). We all applied for Credential Evaluation at different times, The ones who got their credentials evaluated had to do maximum of 2 months course in a Canadian institution. Wrote the license exam and all are practicing Physiotherapists in Canada, I am yet to land, I applied for Credential Evaluation last year so waiting for my turn.

But even for Bachelors candidates I have heard good stuff only, Bachelors from India who are awaiting their evaluation results are getting PT assistant jobs in Toronto (I agree less jobs in Toronto at the moment) but in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) like Brampton, Mississauga etc. PT A jobs are a plenty paying anything from $ 15 to $ 18 which is a v good survival package. After my friends got the license all are above $45/hour + benifits. One of my friend who is not taking any benefits from his employer his getting $ 85/hour.

@ Steve81 Buddy from which Univ and College you did your Bachelors degree, because I have a lot of my friends (including me) who have done are Bachelors and Masters from Rajiv Gandhi Medical sciences univ Bangalore and most of my friends just had to take the LPAR online course and then they were eligible to write the License exam and even before their results came out. All of them had PT Assistance jobs earning anywhere between $ 15 to $ 18 ..... Please let me know the Univ you did your degree from, maybe I know someone already in Canada from your Univ.

So the student route should be taken when other means have been exhausted and you have ample money. Even if after Credential evaluation the result is that she has to do some course or worst her masters in Canada, she would pay way less money if she is doing the masters as a PR, as compared to doing a Masters being a foreign student from India....... Let me know if I answered your queries or made you more confused :)
i'm studying bachelor of physiotherapy in chennai...it is my final year and i need to work in canada. i dont know what to do for it can you help me with your experience?


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Jun 18, 2017
Can a apply credentials in progress with my bachelor degree of physiotherapy in canada???
Physiotherapy is a masters degree course in Canada. You’ll need to speak to the licensing board about what you will need to do to get licensed in Canada from studies, to practical bourse, etc. based on how your current degree is evaluated. You will need to pass the licensing exams not matter what.