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Physical Presence - Visitor Record but wasn't yet living in Canada

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by simpsol22, May 12, 2019.

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    I've completed my Presence calculator and with an application date of June 1st, it shows 1,103 days. I have a concern that I'm hoping someone might have insight on.

    CBSA issued me my first Visitor Record 4 months before I actually moved to Canada (Nexus required me to get it since I crossed so often--lived 10 minutes away from my then fiance on opposite sides of the border), but spent many days in Canada during that time. Even though the calculator is happy because I had the Visitor Record, will IRCC look at my history of when I actually started "living" in Canada and calculate my days from then?

    Just to see what it would say, I removed my first visitor record on the calculator and changed the 2nd to be the date I actually moved here and the new days are 1,068. So not sure if I should wait to apply based on when I moved here, or if they wouldn't care.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Also that my presence calculator is already pretty crazy. 27 pages so far that I'll need to print. Hoping I don't need to be too detailed on reasons.... some just say "Working".
  2. If your physical presence calculator is happy. You should be happy too. And what would you lose if you’d apply on the 28th of June? If your physical presence form is pretty crazy; don’t expect an answer from them too soon. You’d only be eligible to vote in the next provincial election in 2022 and federal elections in October 2023.
  3. Thanks. :) Yeah, I might as well wait an extra month to be safe. I feel bad for whoever gets to review my app. Lol. Now I cross only 1-2x a month but before I got PR was almost daily for work. Took hrs to get it done.
  4. You’ve done a good job! Good luck :)
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  5. Decided I'll use July 1st as my date. Is it true that a crazy calculator will delay my application? It's 35 pages and has 493 entries of time away (majority-day trips) and will probably increase by the time I apply. Sorry if I am stressing for no reason.
  6. Hi,
    if you go out of Canada and return at the same day, such day is considered as a day spent in Canada.
  7. Apply for citizenship and let it happen; don’t expect it to happen too soon or too late. Just do what you would do even if you weren’t gonna apply. Good luck mate!
  8. Yes im aware but you still have to list them all.
  9. Thanks!

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