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Personal History / Working before Commencement of Classes

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by CAN_BUS, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I worked for almost 3 weeks before my studies at university started. However, during that time the orientation and course enrollment was going on.
    Now for Personal History for my PR application form, I'm not sure if I should Select Educational Activity for that one month prior to the commencement of my classes as the orientation and course enrollment was going on and in description add 'part-time job' along with other things. Or, I should select Employed and mention my part time job for that month?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.

    Thank You.
  2. Were you registered as a student when you were working? Was your only permit a study permit?
  3. Yes, I was registered as a student, and as I mentioned the orientations and course enrollment was going on during that time. Also, I had the study permit that said I'm allowed to work along with SIN.
  4. So you were working before your classes started which would be considered illegal work. Claiming orientation and enrollment would be considered start of studies I think personally would be a stretch unless you can share an official IRCC statement stating otherwise.
  5. Thanks for your response.

    So what do you suggest I should do in this case?
  6. I disagree with the other poster - once you are registered as a student I believe you are entitled to work part-time (20hrs/week) or full-time out of session. I would just say you were a student during this time in your personal history. You can also have overlapping activities in your personal history, so you could put down the part-time work at the same time. I worked outside the university for three months while I was registered as a student, and I put that down in my personal history. For example, I was registered as a student from 1/2014 to 8/2018, and I worked 5/2018-7/2018.

    Just please make double-sure that you were registered at that time.
  7. Thanks for your response Sionnachrua.

    Can you elaborate on what do you mean by 'Registered', would paying the fee be considered as Registered?
  8. It might, I'm not sure. Check your university transcripts and see if they have any dates on them - mine don't have dates, just the terms I was registered. You could look up the official dates the terms start on your university website. Often signing up for classes is what counts as registration, though, and the term starts when classes do.
  9. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/questions-answers-by-topic.asp?st=15.3

    Here it explicitly says:
    "I’m an international student. Can I work before my study program starts?
    No. If you’re eligible to work on or off campus while studying in Canada, you can only start working once your study program starts."

    Given that you said "I worked for almost 3 weeks before my studies at university started." in your opening post, I think that you worked illegally.
  10. I just found a letter that says I'm Registered as a Full-Time student in XYZ program in the 20XX, which covers the period when I worked.

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