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Permanent Residency.

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by oladayo96, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hello all. Please help me with this.
    I received a mail confirming my visa has been affixed to my passport.
    I’m from Nigeria and my passport was submitted to Visa office in Accra.
    Please any idea on how or where I’m to get my passport from? I mailed IRCC and Accra but no response.
    I was thinking I’d pick up in Visa Application Centre in Lagos but I’m equally not sure.
    Please advise thanks.
  2. They will mail the passport back to you. Did you send them a pre-addressed envelope when you sent the passport? What were the instructions in the passport request email?
  3. Not sure.. I sent to them via DHL courier service.
    My application was paper application so I received most of the information late.
  4. You must have received a letter asking for your passport, right? What did that letter say?
  5. The letter said I should send my passport photographs, my international passport, and cvac documents.
  6. And there was no information about what will happen next? Do you have the letter with you?
  7. I do.. let me copy and paste.
  8. Usually, a passport request letter asks you to send a pre-addressed envelope along with your passport so that they can send it back to you. If your letter had no instructions on how to get your passport back that's strange.
  10. Yh but now that I didn’t send through the vac, is it likely to be delivered to the vac since I paid the usual transmission fee for the return?
  11. Sorry, no idea. You'll have to contact them since you didn't follow their stated process. They'll eventually reply.

    If you're in Lagos, you can try going to the VAC and asking them. They may have your passport.
  12. Thanks a lot.
  13. If you're in Lagos, you can try going to the VAC and asking them. They may have your passport.
  14. Okay and take this passport request letter along right?

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