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Permanent Residency "Serious Disease" Question

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by buffalobuffaloNY, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. My wife and I created an Express Entry profile and were given an Invitation to Apply (Federal Skilled Worker program) last week - we are nearly done with the initial Permanent Residency application forms, but we would like this forum's advice on the question: "Has <applicant> had any serious disease or physical or mental disorder?" - the trouble is, CIC does not provide any insight into what they view as "serious"

    My wife is the primary applicant, and she has a very mild case of Crohns disease. This was diagnosed almost 5 years ago, and it is well controlled with her medication. She has never required surgery and has no trouble maintaining a full time job - she is not in any way disabled by her condition. However, Crohns can be a serious disease, while in her case it is not, and we are concerned about the implications of answering either "yes" or "no" in the PR application.

    If we answer "no", we risk appearing as though we are hiding something (which is not our intention). She will be honest during her medical examination, and will have the opportunity to explain her nuanced case to the doctor (I assume?). Basically, while Crohn's can be serious, in her case it is NOT serious (assuming we know what they mean by "serious"), and so can we justify answering "no" to avoid immediately flagging our application off the bat with a potential problem?

    If we answer "yes", we can enter an explanation in plain text in the form. Either way we risk being labeled as an excessive burden to the Canadian health care system, even though her medical needs for this condition are primarily her medications which the provinces don't cover anyway as we understand. If we do answer "yes", how can we describe the reality of her condition in a way that will help avoid the excessive burden label? Are there other mitigating factors (such as her age - 33 - and the amount of money we are bringing with us - 6 figures) that we can make sure to emphasize?

    Has anyone had experience with anything like this? Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm not a doctor but have 35 years of experience in medical field. IMO, you can't explain anything to a medical doctor and the decision will be taken on her lab work findings weather the condition is potentially extensive.
    And to answer yes or no it's your call.
    Lord Jesus is our savior.
  4. I am in the process of applying for a PR and am yet to receive an ITA. I am the primary applicant and also have a mild form of crohn's. I just need to take regular medications and need to get my self checked once a year or so. It would be great if you could post about your experience once you are done with your medical or have found a definitive answer to your question.
  5. Im in the same position. I havent applied for PR yet but was planning to do it in the next few months. Would really appreciate an update on your situation if you have any.
  6. I just passed my medicals. I did inform my doctor during the medical examination about my mild crohns condition. The doctor said it is not a problem. Hope this helps anyone in a similar situation.
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  7. In my experience the Dr always says "its not a problem" and will depend on the type of medication you are taking to control the Crohns. If the medication is expensive then you will most likely receive a procedural fairness letter. We submitted our response to the procedural fairness letter 7 weeks ago and have not yet received a response.
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  8. Yes most Crohns diagnosis will end up in procedual fairness review because of the cost of the biologic drugs like Humira. Also possibility for surgery, many doctor visits, regular testing, etc. Always important to be upfront with any medical issue even if under control because misrepresentation could haunt you in the future. Best of luck with both procedural fairness and the Crohns disease.
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  9. If the medicals have already been passed, would there still even be reason to worry?
  10. No. After you have passed medical you shouldn't worry as long as you have been upfront about any medical issues.
  11. Hey Sandeep, Could you share if you answered Yes or No to the question "Have you had any serious disease or physical or mental disorder?"
  12. Did you hear back from them? What did they say to your reply to the procedural fairness letter?
  13. Good
    Glad to know that you have passed the exam Hope you in Canada now am about to start mine and I wish to ask some questions on medical line have been a weed smoker for about 6yrs ago and just stopped now when am applying for PR pls I will like to ask if they test for drug and also the lungs test if its for smoking test?
  14. I don't recall doing a drug or smoking test. Possibly being asked if I smoke though.
  15. Thanks bro

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