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Paystub (Hourly + 50% Commission)


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Apr 17, 2017
Hello everyone,

I'm working & I get paid hourly minimum wage I get checks twice a month.

So my paystub papers have
Salary (the 50% Commission )
Reg. Hourly Rate (my hours)

My question is that is there any problems if I get paid hourly + Commission?

I don't know why my employer put the 50% Commission as salary why is that and is there any problems?
Will something happen to me?



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Sep 5, 2013
Hi there, do you think pay-stub of an employee or a supervisor would differ? Differ as in in terms of number on the paystub etc etc. One colleague mentions that his paystub looks as if it is paid to someone who is new to the company. He assumes that his supervisory paystub will be different than a regular 2 month old staff. Is it true